Week 43, Development and Testing Updates

I just now happened to notice that ota.ecloud.global/api/v1/FP3/dev has an e-1.15-t-20230917331436-dev-FP3.zip available … so, according to its date seemingly already built at the time of the comment.

Is this build there intentionally (= safe to install)?

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when I used this build a few weeks ago it force-rebooted quickly - not a build for the general public.

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It was mentioned that there would be vendor firmware included for T. I have a OnePlus 7T hotdogb and the /e/ OS install instructions say I need to flash to the latest vendor Android 12. Doesn’t 1.16 T include that? Also, the instructions say I need to unzip the Recovery file to get the dtbo and vbmeta files. How do I do that? Do I use payload dumper? If so, what are the instructions when using a Windows PC? Plus I didn’t think that payload dumper was needed once 1.16 T was released. Lastly does 1.16 T fix the touchscreen not working issue that has been reported many times on OnePlus devices?

The team broke up the issue we were facing into two

  • The recoveries which were missing for all the builds has been resolved. Now the correct recovery shows up for each build.

  • The part about the partitions required to show up for certain builds was fixed and merged, but due to the delay created in the builds these partitions would show up in the next release or v1.17 at present these builds are being tested


do you mean the * boot.img * dtbo.img should come out until v1.17? is there another way to get them? i am trying to install /e/ on a pixel 6a “bluejay” and i am getting stuck in fastboot, without those files i cant go into recovery mode

The partitions will not show up till v1.17 as per the updates from the build team. Exception to this are devices like the FP4 T build that now has the partitions required for its installation. The same will show up for the rest of the dev builds where required, by v1.17


Hi @Jiuik96 … you will see that the situation has rolled on from when I wrote this walkthrough last week. However you can try to use the method to collect boot.img | dtbo.img.
[Walkthrough] Extract eRecovery and boot images using payload-dumper-go



An alternate method to get the partitions would be to download them from the LineageOS builds for the same device.
I know this is not the correct way but while we wait for the v1.17 to come out in 2 weeks, the partitions from LOS should be able to work for installing /e/OS T builds.


Does 1.16 T include the vendor firmware or will that be in 1.17 T as well? It’s been several weeks since that was originally mentioned so just asking for clarification.

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OK, so by way of clarification, currently even the manual installation of /e/OS (T) will not succeed without the additional steps described by @Jiuik96 and @aibd ?

The only thing that can be done is to wait for version 1.17 or downgrade the android version to 12 (S) and then install /e/OS (S) ?

Or Pixel 5 (redfin) as a stable device has the mentioned partitions just like FP4 ?

Any updates on that GSI T version please?

Would be very interesting to try this out, once release also for /e/OS-T

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Hello Manoj,
i think you should pin this message very loud cause not all e users easily remember that the rom is lineage os based.
I also think it is simply a fact, not their fault.
Reading this smart hint will surely help a lot, it is the easiest way to get what still is missing.
You know, In the middle of many messages, it could become ’ invisible '.
Think about it. :smile:

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Using the Lineage partitions should work since the source, kernel and blobs are the same as /e/OS is a fork of LOS. Technically, there should not be any issues in flashing the partitions from LOS. The only exception would be if in a particular device there is a big difference on the LOS side or if the dtbo files have been changed. Both cases do not happen in normal circumstances.

To explain why we keep shifting the version number of the fix is approximately every 2 weeks we freeze the code and use that code base for the next testing cycle. Developers continue with the testing and checking in of the fixes. This usually gets into the next cycle code base. The build team assures me that the fix for the partition will show up in the recovery files in v1.17 when it is released.

  • In the v1.16 builds the recovery files which were not showing up in v1.15 show up
  • In the v1.17 builds the recovery zip file will include the partitions which are at present not showing up


Where can I download the v1.16 image for the FP5? Really like to use /e/OS on my brand new FP5.

You can currently download build 1.15.2-t-20231011340157-stable-FP5 here.
Official incorporation into the website and documentation is still pending, it seems.

This is the /e/OS build which is currently installed on Fairphone 5s bought directly from Murena, as confirmed here.

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Great, thanks a lot. A v1.16 build isn’t available yet? And once available, will I get this OTA?

Seems that way.

Since the available 1.15 is of build type “stable”, updates should come OTA according to https://doc.e.foundation/build-status.

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No herolte build for 1.16 yet?

dev is available, stable not yet.
See here for what you have installed … [HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc