e/OS Drive / Cloud is full -> not true

Hi there,

this morning an hour ago I got a message, that my /e/ cloud is full (99%). I checked this and it is at ~65%.

I deactivated things like sync pictures etc. So why do I get this information? Is there another “full” cloud of /e/ that should be checked by me? (I am aware of only one account of mine and the phone is only connected to that account)

I have no idea where to look for to solve this. The previous threads to cloud topics where different issues…

Me too, the drive is full on the phone and the sync app on the computer, but not on the website (72%, which is correct)

I’ve got the same issue. I even get three different values for the amount of data: 99% (just updated to “more than 100%” a couple of minutes ago) according to notifications, 67% according to cloud dashboard, 10% according to the file list.
What to do now? Please explain for dummies…

Will pass on these comments to the infra team to check and respond.

The team is working on a resolution. Will keep you updated on this thread.

Update :
The issue has been resolved.

From the infra team an explanation for the discrepancy in the storage values.

  • We applied a fix for a bug that didn’t account for email quota usage in total quota usage
  • However, we face this inconsistency issue with some accounts where the displayed quota on dashboard is not the same as the total used quota(email + cloud)

We have reverted the earlier bug fix and will be communicating further about any changes.


Cool, thank you and thanks to the team for this fast reaction!

Hi, I have a FP3 and since las update (I attach photo) I have a constant notification of 99% of cloud storage use. I hope in the fix you mentioned works for the next update.

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