E/OS for Caterpillar (Cat S42)

Could you please create a ROM for E/OS for this mobile phone?

Technical specifications:
Device name Cat S42:
Current operating system: Android 12.
Build number: LTE_C01091.12_NE_S42_2.013.00

Kernel version:
1 Fri OCT 28 21:05:22 CST 2022

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I can’t find any sign of any custom ROMs for this device. /e/OS builds on the LineageOS custom ROM. Without. LineageOS build for this device, there is no chance of a working /e/OS build.

I looked on XDA forums, and apparently this device is “Treble capable”, so an /e/OS Generic System Image (GSI) might run, but nobody seems to have found a way to unlock the bootloader, or install a GSI.

Sorry to only offer bad news :frowning: