e/OS for Gigaset GX4

Please help get a tough smartphone equipped with e/OS

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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This is a further question, not a reply. I too want a tough handset with /e/OS. The GX4 is exactly the phone. Why does a phone built to run on Android need a custom ROM of its own when /e/OS is Android?
Can I install /e/OS on a Gigaset GX4 myself? If yes, how? Are there any drawbacks like invalidating the warranty or inadvertently disabling a function?

To be able to have an /e/OS ROM you need to have LineageOS sources available to port those to /e/OS. A good source to search for custom ROM is the XDA forum.
One can also search in Github…

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There seems to be development for these devices but still in testing stage…
I could not build, too many errors

Dear Ronald,

thank you for your quick response. I’m still in the process of switching from macOS to Linux (Mint) - desktop done, laptop remains my lifeline to all things Apple until I’m confident to cut the rope.

My FP2 is failing and must be replaced. The GX4 is ideal for what I need but I am baffled by the language and processes of smartphone wrangling.

Following your advice I have found:
but nothing else. This seems a work in progress but is active (last Commit 3 weeks ago) so I thought to buy the GX4 (giving me a reliable, working phone), and slowly work through installing Lineage OS on my old FP2 (because that is possible) while it still works.
Having practiced on the FP2 I will be more confident with the GX4 and can contact the folks working on the Gigaset for guidance or whatever I need.

Does that make sense to you?


Jim Kinnibrugh

Yes sure, let try it. If its actively developed it might be work at some stage to build

OK, I’ll get the GX4 so I have a reliable phone and take it from there once that is up and running.

Thank you and Frohes neues Jahr

Jim K.

Hello everyone,

I can’t be of much help since I know about as much about low-level Android as a roadkill duck. What I can say however is that the Volla Phone X23 (https://volla.online/de/downloads/volla-phone-x23/) is nothing more than a re-branded Gigaset GX4 and should be more or less compatible with the ROMs for the GX4. Any Gigaset GX4 should also theoretically be able to run Ubuntu Touch as that is one of the main features of the Volla Phone X23. Their nickname for the device is “vidofnir” and they have a bunch of additional information on their GitHub (https://github.com/HelloVolla/android_device_volla_vidofnir), so I’d say it’s worth checking out if anybody wants to get Lineage/eOS to work on these devices.

Note: From what I can tell, the Android ROM “VollaOS” is based off Lineage already, or at least contains chunks of it. The devices aren’t exactly the same as the X23 has 128GB main storage as to where the GX4 only has 64GB, but regardless most everything else from case to SoC appears to be identical.

Hope I could help a bit!
Skali S.