e-OS for Moto C (namath)


Would it be possible for /e/ to support Motorola Moto C

android version: 7.0 (nougat)

android security patch level: november 5 2018

built nr: NRD90M.062 (Moto C Stock ROM)

soft channel: reteu

custom build version: alps-mp–n0.mp1-V1.0.2_wt6737m.65.n_P109


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the Moto C “namath” mediatek SoC is related to “perry” (Moto E4) and a build tree can be derived, but both have no maintainer and the last thread I could dig up are Linage 14.1 based (nougat). Without porting to a newer version you could create a nougat community build. If you find a public build tree you can ask for a community build or if you want to get into it, build yourself.

check this forum too for “perry” threads

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