/e/OS for Samsung Galaxy A71 4g

Samsung Galaxy A71 4G is phone that has been released in 2020 Starting with android 10 is now upgradeable up to android 13 which is last major release for this phone. This phone does not have many official builds for custom roms, I’m currently running unofficial build of Lineage os 20 which seems to be unmaintained because maintainer of rom locked the thread on xda forums.
Here is link to XDA forums for this phone . I’m writing this because I cannot see my device inside official or unofficial builds for /e/OS and I would like to try /e/. I wish I could build /e/OS for myself but I have laptop with 4GB ram and building would just be too slow.

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Hi there, and welcome to \e\ community.

When you ask for a build, please try to simplify builder’s work by sharing sources trees.

For the Samsung Galaxy A71 4G the git to link seems to be this:

Hope that helps !

note: I personally prefer a “template” like this to post build requests → Oppo R9s/sk (CPH1607)

If you succed downgrading to android 10 Samsung firmware (through combination firmware) you could install /e/GSI.