/e/OS in the United States of America

Welcome friends.

Lets build a community here in the US.
Beer and cookies on me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Fairphone user here



I’m not living in USA (Switzerland), but a Fairphone 4 user too…

I will be travelling to Montreal / Canada this summer, and maybe spend 1 or 2 days in the neighboring New York State.

Do Fairphone devices work well in north America? Is the Fairphone 4 compatible with American 5G networks as well?

Thank you very much!


Tmobile seems to be working fine. I heard att and vrrizon may have problems with 5g coverage.


If you need more data points … https://forum.fairphone.com/t/fairphone-owners-in-the-usa-fp2-fp3-fp4/5083 (for Fairphone 4 experiences perhaps begin browsing through it from the end)


Thank you very much.
In brief: In USA, seems FP4 works well on /e/OS (and LOS) as some troubles with VoLTE / VoWiFi are experienced on stock Fairphone OS…

Hi, I’m in the Boston area running a Teracube 2e I purchased from Murena with /e/OS pre-installed. I was interested in a Fairphone but didn’t have the courage to figure it all out on my own. Maybe if I get too frustrated with the Teracube I’ll ping this group about how to get a FP and how to install /e/OS on it. The Teracube’s camera is pretty bad and the processor is pretty slow, but it gets me in the /e/OS door.

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I have been testing both fairphone and pixel 5 on eOS.
Both are amazing options. If you would like to hear my recommendation, i woild share thr full feedback about usability and network and other things. Let me know

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Hey - I’m in Boston too! Looking to buy a FP4 from Murena to compare to my other Pixel Devices :slight_smile:

I’m down for something. I might even be able to convince a few family members to switch over eventually, so that could be a few more here in the US.

I ordered a FP4 and it arrived about a week ago. Things have been busy and I haven’t had a chance yet to transfer from my current phone, but soon! I’m located in Melrose, north of Malden. Interested in an /e/OS meet-up? @Gquirt are you in the Boston area as well?

Nope, I’m in the Western US. I guess if I want fellow /e/ users anywhere nearby, I’ll need to convince people myself

Western US user here!

Northeast US here.

Presently running on a OnePlus 8T; working on getting the time together to try it on a Nothing Phone 2 soon.

I’ll have to wear my /e/OS T-shirt out and see if anyone says hello =)

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Western U.S. here.
Originally /e/OS 0.1 on ZTE Axon 7 but currently on Essential PH-1 mata and Teracube 2e emerald.

My /e/ T-shirt is faded and worn. :worried:

Wait. There’s /e/ merch!? Where does one find such things?

Info from about a year ago …


e-0.1-n user/tester means he was of the first supporters !
the faded and worn T-shirt means he has been of the first early adopter or baker or perhaps he donated to the initiale crownfounding campain…

you still can obtain a T-shirt… but a new one…

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Oh. That’s disappointing. Buying merch is currently my favorite way to support projects. I get cool swag and they get money and free advertising.