/e/ OS install on OnePlus Nord bootloader state locked

Following instructions here: Install /e/ on a OnePlus Nord - “avicii”

Installed ADB platform tools
enabled oem unlocking and usb debugging
when in fastboot, device state says locked
adb reboot bootloader command works
fastboot devices command doesnt work
fastboot oem unlock command doesnt work

So stuck at this step. Any help is appreciated

Hi @elhdjrmlifq6 welcome to /e/ forum, just as a first step did you try fastboot devices as root? Other things to try another cable, different USB port on PC, if using Windows: drivers. It is not uncommon for platform-tools on Windows to require more than 1 attempt to fully update drivers for all booting modes!

Hi @aibd thanks, happy to be here. Ive used the easy installer 3 times and this is my first time needing to do a manual install.
I followed the instructions to enable oem unlocking and etc
and the computer is able to command the phone to reboot into the fastloader
but once it is there, the fastbook devices command doesnt work

Are you using Windows or Linux? I gave an answer to rule out likely errors with communication between PC and your device. Perhaps I chose my words badly. It is a known issue that Windows will find drivers to run adb, but not fastboot, so you need to keep checking for drivers until you can communicate both adb devices and fastboot devices. (Same applies to the other USB issues I mentioned, in some edge cases) You can go no further till you get to that point!

Edit. Thinking that Windows is more likely here is one approach: Connect the phone to PC with usb, and open Device Manager. You will know you are looking for a :warning: against any connected device which has a driver problem. If you have the :warning: run Windows Update, ensure the warning clears. Boot into Recovery mode,

adb devices

Device Manager still open. Now boot into Fastboot mode.

fastboot devices

Should the :warning: appear at any stage - Windows Update again.

making progress…
there was a :warning: , ran windows update and it has cleared.
boot into recovery
adb devices
no result
boot to fastboot
fastboot appears!
so does that mean it is 1/2 good?

I guess we have to assume Windows is picking drivers, but failing to get it right! Can you just keep going, have you tried running as administrator? You didn’t tell if fastboot devices gave a result! and being Windows add a couple of restart for good measure. What platform-tools version are you using?

sorry I meant that to say that fastboot devices appear and adb devices do not appear
I did install the universal adb driver but no change.
Unsure how to run powershell inside the folder as admin
You are suggesting to ignore the step and move to:
“5. Flash a recovery image onto your device…”?

platform tools r 3103 windows

Ah, got it!
Found instructions here: Fastboot oem unlock doesn't unlock bootloader. Help - OnePlus Community

Specifically: “Are you into fastboot mode, you have to enter fastboot mode first, fastboot devices is the command and then fastboot oem unlock.”

So, I entered:
fastboot devices
fastboot oem unlock
and device started unlock process