/e/OS install without OTA update from GIGASET?


unfortunately, there are no more OTA updates from GIGASET for the GS290. How can I now prepare a new GS290 with Android 9 for the installation of /e/OS? :thinking:

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simply install all OTA updates on the Gigaset GS290 that the system (StockROM) update function provides. Only if NO new updates are available perform the /e/OS installation. Good luck and welcome to the /e/OS world.



Hello Stefan,

there are no longer OTA updates from Gigaset. Update support end was August 2022 for the GS290, the update servers are no longer accessible! :dizzy_face:


Unfortunately, the servers seem to be “just” poorly accessible. You get the error message “Unable to resolve host”, see screenshot. After several attempts it works… Very annoying.

The OTA server is still accessible!
I also get the error message “Unable to resolve host”, but simply press “Update” several times, then an update is displayed which can be downloaded.
I currently have a GS290 here on which I have successfully carried out the Stock Rom OTA update.

In the last update what is the version of the security patch ?

The Security Patch is from 01.Nov 2022.

Sounds great. Thanks.

Hi all,

I’m not exactly an expert yet, so please excuse should this be a dumb question: If I understand your thread correctly, you were discussing updating the “vendor”-portion of the e-installation, which is something I apparently need to do as well: I recently ran across a message that read “Security patch vendor out of date” (found under systems->privacy->trust->security-patches). So following the above discussion, this could be done by flashing the device back to the GS290 stock-ROM and executing the latest OTA-updates (followed by a re-flash of /e/ onto the device)

Now, if I do that, I will lose all my apps/settings etc, right? Would there be any other way, for example somehow getting ahold of the latest vendor-package (the data contained in the “vendor-sparsed”-file in the installation-package?) and exclusively flash this, while keeping the rest of the system untouched? Or does any flash always imply a reset of all data?
Again, I apologize if this is an unqualified question…

Hello TCB247,

an OTA update does not lead to a loss of data and app settings. However, flashing manually using the PC command line (“fastboot” & “ADB Sideload”) usually leads to a complete reset.

On the GS290 with /e/OS, an OTA update takes place under Android 10, which must be triggered manually under Settings → System updates. The status of the security updates is 5 November 2022 in the current version 1.7 of /e/OS.

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Not in my experience. “Dirty flashing” in this way has worked for me most of the time, except when upgrading from one Android version to a higher version (e.g. /e/ 1.n-R to 1.n-s)

Hi Franky,

thanks for your help. If I understand correctly, the OTA-updated is simply the one I ran every month or so from “within” /e/.

Do you think l should be worried about the “Security patch vendor out of date” -message?

Yes, that is correct.

I think it is rather uncritical. But it certainly also depends on the apps used…

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So you are seeing that entry in the Trust section. I see the same on both my devices which are no longer supported by manufacturer.

To see which “Manufacturer’s update” was last actually installed you can look in Settings > About phone > Android version.

There you see

  • Android Security Patch level
  • Vendor Security Path level.