/e/OS Midi Soundfont


I am trying to find where in my system the /e/OS (AOSP if that’s more accurate) MIDI Soundfont is. I would like to use it on PC, and add it to VLC on Android, as I don’t use the default music app, but like the default music app’s MIDI soundfont.

Is it stored as part of AOSP or specifically /e/OS. Where in the source code can I find it? It should be a .sf2 file.


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looking at the aosp repos, this must be Sonivox EAS - https://github.com/pedrolcl/sonivox (see forked from) and matches up with the answers in https://musescore.org/en/node/317450 - .sf2 file @ https://musical-artifacts.com/artifacts/758

There’s a collection of Android-related soundfonts, including Sonivox, available for download. Not sure exactly which is which but might be helpful.

Android .sf2 | Musical Artifacts

A very old selection here…
Android Framework - Browse /soundfonts at SourceForge.net