/e/OS Moto G7 Play and Pinetime

I have a PInetime Watch and a Moto G7 Play. I can connect the Pinetime to other computers and I can connect the phone to things via Bluetooth.

However, the two don’t seem to talk to each other. The Pinetime won’t come up in the Bluetooth list when I look at pairing and the Gadget Bridge program can’t find it either.

Has anyone gotten this to work? I saw a post from last year I think that Lineage was having a problem with disconnections, but that was supposed to have been addressed. I’ve looked under the developer option for Bluetooth and fiddled with the MAP version, but that seemed to be the only thing close to relevant.

I wonder if it is because the Pinetime uses Bluetooth LE but that hasn’t been a problem with any other device I’ve used which detects the Pinetime without any problem.

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