/e/OS nougat and oreo still available for klte?

Hi all

I got a S5 to do some testing, so I wanted to start with doing some upgrades.
My plan is to go from nougat to oreo to pie and see how that goes before doing it on my main device (S7 nougat /e/OS 0.11).
But I cannot find a nougat or oreo build for the klte - only pie from the dev branch.
Is there any archive online?

Thanks /m


no there is no archive but multiple users reported the upgrade from Nougat to Oreo with the S7 went without any issue or data loss. Of course backup before.

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Hi mate,
Here’s a couple of older builds…

Hey @Duper
I have seen that you have experience with the Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900I) especially as a fellow Australian - I thought I would ask you what /e/OS build (even though right now it’s unofficial) is the best/stable in your experience?
Cheers! :smiley:

Hi mate,

Here’s a link to newer unofficial builds by @itsclarence (Rockstar)

My favourite build is his e-0.11-p-20200911
Seems more stable than the later builds including official builds.
Good luck

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Hi mate,

Here’s an update, many thanks too @itsclarence.
Android 10 for kltedv variant.


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