/e/OS on HTC10 (Android 7.1.2) - SIM card not recognized

I tested a bit the ROM on the PME / htc one m10 / htc 10 device, as there is an official release.

It works not very well, especially because the display is too small for the OS, although LineageOS was OK with that.

Two things were not recognized: the “home” button and my SIM card. Both were working with LineageOS 19.1 (based on Android 12.1).

The phone shows a “no SIM card” message in small settings. If I do *#06# on the dialer, the dialer app shuts down and IMEI is not displayed in settings either. I think there may be an issue with the EFS partition or something like that, as I’ve already seen in devices like the Galaxy SII. Maybe the issue is not with the ROM but with the installation method.

An other issue was that there was microG inside the ROM even if I didn’t flash it and don’t want it (I don’t want any google services, that’s why I want /e/OS… was very suprised to find such things in a ROM claiming to be about privacy, and also being unable to uninstall apps such as Maps and the Aurora store clone, that are not needed for the OS to work. I hope it’s just because I used an early version of /e/OS.)

I would love to have /e/OS on my htc 10 but for now I’ll stick with LineageOS ^^
If anyone can help find the issue and correct it, I’ll be very happy to help by testing all I can! I got a powerful computer so I can also build it.

Thanks in advance for any reply, help or suggestion. I’ll be happy to contribute and will keep this thread updated if I find anything by myself.