e/OS on Teracube 2

I purchased and received my Teracube directly from the e/OS online store.
I’m in the USA, was using T Mobile and switched to Mint.

After a bit of a hiccup in purchasing; signed up for preorder, when the phone became available there was some non-responsiveness in the site, which had me wondering if my transaction had gone through. After seeing the purchase show up in my financials, I contacted e Foundation and they helped me track down and receive my phone.

I was excited to try and use eOS on a phone they had set up.
I added some of my usual suspects Apps, things I need to use daily, Outlook for scheduling and email, OKTA, LastPass, BenchApp for my Hockey team. and a few others. I aim for minimizing distraction on the phone.

I have experienced quite a bit of the phone shutting down on it’s own, sometimes very unexpectedly. Like in the middle of the night, thus missing any alarm that may have been set.
I’ve done resets, even going back to the default Bliss launcher. I’ve pulled the battery and reset. One thing that seemed to help was to clear the System/Reset Options/Reset App preferences.
Seems to help me get from an almost completely non-responsive phone to one that can be workable.

Just when I am about to make it my daily driver it starts acting up again, shutting down and even showing Chinese (?) characters and seems like “test” screens (Rainbow pattern) on the startup process.

Does anyone have similar experience? Is there something I am missing? I am on 0.18 (latest) update to the OS.

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Hi @kcashman. I own a T2e with /e/OS pre-installed and this is not normal. While it certainly sounds like you’ve done quite a bit of troubleshooting, I would send an email to /e/ support for them to evaluate. They will likely want to see system logs but that is just conjecture on my part.

Best of luck and let us know how things progress.

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Since the phone was purchased from the /e/ Solutions Shop pl send a mail to support@e.email with the purchase details.

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I reached out to help, they messaged me that it was likely an app I had installed so do a facory reset and see, by installing one app at a time how the performance goes. I’ve done that, and seen some improvement (less freezing/crashing) seems like once I install the aurora store that can trigger it to shut down, also seeing it shut down when plugging in to charge the phone.

Assuming you are using the most recent version (, you might consider verifying that AS has all the permissions it needs and if that checks out trying a nightly build here and see if anything changes.

I’m having less issues. Which “Installation Method” is recommended for use with the Aurora Store?

  • Session Installer
  • Native Installer
  • Root Installer
  • Aurora Services

IIRC, “Session”. Good luck!

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