/e/OS on the OnePlus 8T

Nothing important here, just a random post.
On my OnePlus 8T I’ve been on a few custom ROMs, Carbon being my favorite, but always wanted to see /e/OS on it.
Finally got around to it on the KB2007 T-Mobile variant. Flashed 1.3 (had it lying around) and OTA’d to 1.4. Everything was good to go. Played around for about a day. No problems during that short visit. I know about the fingerprint thing but I’ve never, ever, used fingerprint stuff on any device so that wasn’t a concern. I don’t even know where the fingerprint sensor is. LOL.
WiFi calling and SMS over WiFi worked perfect.

Figured I already have 2.5 /e/OS devices (Axon 7 needs a new battery so it’s a point 5er) and don’t need a third/fourth so I moved on to testing another ROM. But at least I was able to kick the tires and see that all works fine.
Battery life of the OP8T is horrible compared to all other devices (1 day max) so I’m testing different ROMs to check if any help in that regard. Currently moved on to a now-discontinued Corvus ROM (with microG of course). My Teracube does three days easy, couple of others are close to that. If Corvus turns out just as bad as the others I’ll go back to /e/ and see if it’s any better.

All of my ROMs are similarly configured so it’s not a matter of apps draining battery but probably the device/system itself. We’ll see.

Have you tried the LineageOS fro microG build for this device?

No, not yet. Got that downloaded also. After a few battery cycle tests on Corvus I’ll move over to that one. I’ve always preferred AOSP over LOS-based even though I know LOS usually has overall better hardware support in general.

have you tried the brand new Android 13 based DivestOS for kebab? Devices - DivestOS Mobile

Heh. I haven’t even tried A12 yet.
Will put it on my “feeling adventurous” list.

On a OP5T I didn’t find LineageOS microg as good as /e/ at least when it comes to the microg implementation. Also the latest nightly build was more buggy…

We have a OP8T in the house, but for now, I don’t think I’d want to put a 3rd party ROM on it, given the lack of camera quality.

Open Camera does seem pretty decent on my OP5T, but on the 8T, is it really decent?

And let’s not forget, when it comes to a business and size, Lineageos or the microg version can’t compare to Murena, this is a much bigger business in a much bigger league and for that, I’ll stick to /e/ instead. :slight_smile:

I just hope the future of development for OnePlus keeps on going.

I’ve tried a few custom ROMs on the OP8T. Some keep a few OnePlus items actually. The OnePlus camera and gallery. Even DAX (Dolby Atmos) and additional OnePlus Settings.
Currently on crDroid A11 that includes all of those.

I’ve had some issues with eOS on the 8T. biggest issue being I don’t think the screen knows how bright it wants to be. Even with auto brightness off, it seems to flash itself to maximum brightness from time to time. And then it’ll go back to whatever I actually have it set. Also sometimes the brightness slider just doesn’t work straight up.

Battery life on 1.7 is great. but this weird issue with the backlight, and sometimes volume doesn’t seem to know how to control itself as well, those are really the weirdest issues

Greetings. First blood for me.

I managed to install eos 1.8.1 with the guide. Hardware seems to work without any issues.

Software is another story, but only minor setbacks.
My banking app says I’m rooted, even though I’m not.

Depending on the root detection library used by various apps, an unlocked phone will be considered rooted.

OnePlus 6 (A6003 6GB/64GB)
/e/OS 1.10 update OTA. Have /e/os for a month now.
Not rooted

What I found about Brightness:
(Auto) Brightness (Slider) does only work when Battery Saving is on.
If you want dim the screen when Battery Saving is off click om Extra Dim.