/e/OS OTA URL for Fairphone 5

May you please confirm me that the URL where /e/OS try to search for update from is the following?


I would like to add a monitor to that page on my laptop.


This is not the page /e/OS looks at for OTA updates, it’s the download page users look at for manual installation.
However, if it is a new version you want to get notified about by monitoring, this is a good page to monitor nonetheless.

/e/OS OTA updates get released in a staggered manner, and the way this is achieved in practice currently looks like the OTA update response to updater requests gets randomised at the beginning of a release … at one query it will show the new version to any updater (or any browser, or any monitoring tool), at another query it won’t. Not quite ideal for monitoring.

You might try https://ota.ecloud.global/api/v1/FP5/stable regardless, although I have no way of confirming whether this is really the relevant page for the FP5 (I don’t have a Fairphone 5 and I don’t know whether the same update scheme applies to all supported /e/OS devices, this particular page might get auto-generated because it is the update scheme for a lot of /e/OS devices, but the relevant page for the FP5 could be something else).