/e/OS smartphones FAQ

  • Over mobile data consumption

    A known issue is affecting a small portion of users.

    This problem leads to over-consumption of mobile data, and we are still working on fixing it.

    Possible workarounds until we push a fix using over the air system update:

    1- delete manually .thumbdata-something files at: https://ecloud.global/apps/files/?dir=/Photos/.thumbnails

    2- change perms of /sdcard/DCIM/.thumbnails/ in read only (should only slow down a bit gallery app): chmod 0400 /sdcard/DCIM/.thumbnails/.thumbdata* ( Needs ADB connection)

    Until we find a solution that will be available using our over the air system update, you can also try to do the following:

    • disable mobile data in Settings

    • or disable image/video synchronization in:

      Settings-> Accounts-> */e/* ->username->Pictures and Videos
  • Bluetooth is not working on Galaxy S7

    A know issue is affecting some Galaxy S7 smartphones with /e/OS.

    This problem prevents bluetooth to work correctly.

    A fix is now available as an over the air system update.

  • Camera issue with Galaxy S9/S9+

    Some weird behaviour or even crash can happen using the default Camera application in /e/OS on Galaxy S9/S9+

    If that happens you can try this:

    1. open the default Camera application (OpenCamera)

    2. go to settings

    3. enable “Use Camera2 API”

  • Can not send MMS / France / FREE

    In some cases (/e/OS, probably Nougat version only) it’s not possible to send MMS using Free operator in France.

    The reason is that the APN configuration is not correct.

    Until this is fixed through an over the air system update, the easiest way to fix it is as follows:

    1- Reset APN configuration:

    • In Settings > More > Cellular networks > Acces Point Names
    • Press on the 3 dots button at top right, and then Reset to default

    2- Configure Free Mobile APN

    • Still in Settings > More > Cellular networks > Acces Point Names
    • Press Free Mobile
    • Press on MMSC and enter http://mms.free.fr
    • Press APN type and enter default,supl,mms
    • Press on the 3 dots button at top right, and then Save

    More details and an alternative fix is available online at: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/android_vendor_cm/issues/2#workaround

  • How to configure email? (with /e/OS or another email client)

    Some useful information is available on this page: https://e.foundation/email-configuration/

  • I cannot login with my /e/ account

    Try to connect to https://ecloud.global with the following credentials:

    • full login: username@e.email
      :warning: use only lowercases! (MyName@e.email is incorrect, use: myname@e.email)
    • your previously defined password

    If you do not succeed to authenticate, try to change your password by clicking “Forgot my password” at https://ecloud.global/login