/e/OS updates on Murena One with irritating warning / your marketing strategy

Hi everybody,

My experience:
I got my first Murena One, and thus my first de-googled phone. And: I’m just a regular user not having any knowledge of Android except for installing apps from Google’s Playstore and initiating automatic updates provided by Samsung or Huawei.
One day after setting up my Murena One I got a message about an available update, so I tapped the download button. When the download was completed, there was a message saying “This function requires a compatible recovery system, otherwise the update must be installed manually.” That was very irritating and I wasn’t sure how to proceed, since I didn’t know if and where I had a recovery partition, much less how to start it in case I needed it.
I couldn’t find any mention of such a warning in the documentation. It took me quite a while to find a locked community thread with this somewhat reassuring information: “Just proceed with the installation - a recovery partition is on board.”

Feature request:
For no-nerd /e/OS newbies it might be very helpful to

  • Rephrase the warning “This function requires a compatible recovery system, otherwise the update must be installed manually.” so that Murena One newbies won’t panic - or delete the warning on Murena One if this phone is shipped with a recovery partition by default!

  • Include the mentioned update warning in the documentation page(s).

  • In the documentation point out that a recovery system is also called “TWRP” or “recovery-e” or “lineage-recovery” (note: regular users don’t know that nerdy cock-and–bull language and keep in mind that all this is hard enough for users with fair knowledge of the English language).

  • Publish how to use the recovery system in the documentation (or at other easy to look-up places).

  • Maybe add a little “How to start” manual to the nice looking Morena One shippig case.

I’m well aware that /e/OS isn’t that old. Yet it seems it has outgrown its childhood, and you want to sell ready.to-use phones to generate revenue to ensure further development.

Your technical terminology in this discussion board is okay for developers and tinkerers. However, it is not suitable for “customers” who just want a working phone, and I think this hasn’t been taken into account yet. Maybe you should also consider special threads/categories for people who purchased a phone from e.foundation’s store - or either be patient and use a less technical language answering with inexperienced users. All in all I think it’s time for a more professional (= common sense) marketing strategy for e.foundation.

See: Solved: Update to v1.5: This function requires a compatible recovery system - #8 by obacht

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