/e/ OS usage statistics/data

Keeping in mind that one of the touchstones of the philosophy behind /e/ is privacy, I am still curious: what degree of data about active users does /e/ have? Although preserving privacy is a philosophical concern of /e/ foundation, every organization that provides a service to users needs to know something about the users. Without getting too technical, but more technical than this, can anyone expand on the user data that /e/ OS does collect? Apologies if this is explained somewhere I’ve been unable to find.

Part two: Is there anonymized data that both /e/ foundation and the community at large are comfortable with sharing? I, for one, would like to see the total number of users, and the breakdown by device. I’m pretty sure this data exists from updates, and it was definitely on the user satisfaction survey. This is my personal curiosity, but might also be particularly useful information for people who need a new phone, want to get one compatible with /e/, and want to get one that more people have already found to work well with /e/. I went through this process recently without that data and got lucky, but others might not have the same luck.

Anyone else curious about this (or something else), or have concerns about what I’ve suggested? Will e foundation post any results for the user survey, or is for strictly internal use?


Hi @ecs On the user data collected you can read here
On user numbers against device details I have not seen any such details so far may be we should start collecting these metrics. We support 81 devices so the numbers should be well in the thousands.
Roughly on the forum we have about 2500 users and across all the telegram we have about 2000 users
as of date.
The user survey results will be posted on the forum.


Thanks! I have a bad habit of skipping links called “legal notice” but yours is quite readable.

I look forward to the user survey results. Were the winter survey’s results posted and already taken down? I’ve only been on here a few weeks.

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Hi @alexis were the results of the winter survey published? I can see the results of the Cloud Service and file sharing survey published here.
We are all waiting to see the results of the summer survey results shared on the forum.

regarding the winter survey results, let me check. If not published, i can easily pull up a summary.
As far as the summer survey is concerned, it’s still open, i’ll probably close it within 10/15 days. It will take me a few days to summarize, so i hope to publish results by end of the month.


Any update on the survey results? Thanks!

Planning to work on it next week. I will close the survey and consolidate results and share here.


Were the results posted here?