/e/os users in Portugal

Are there any /e/os users living in Portugal?

Best regards

Present, with e-0.22-q-GSI :point_up:



I’ve been using /e/os in my phone for around 21 month now and I just love the concept.
I’m looking for help to install it in a Samsung Tablet S6 Lite. I’ll send you a PM about that.

Thank you so much

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I’d like to thank @Jazzda for all his help. I live just half an hour from his hometown, so I had the chance to personally meet him and have a nice coffee with him.
Now I have /e/os running on this tablet.
Thank’s @Jazzda


Hello, I have a Murena Fairphone 4, used to have a Fairphone 3.

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I also have a Murena Fairphone 4.
I’ll be using the tablet until the beggining of june and then give it to a brother with 86 years old :slight_smile:

I live in Alvaiázere, but I’m from The Netherlands. I use /e/OS on my Samsung A3 2016 since 2019 and still receiving updates! My wife bought a Murena phone a few months ago.