/e/os v1.13 for OnePlus 3T?

Hi all

Was the OnePlus 3T dropped from the list of officially supported devices?
The newest /e/os version for this phone is still v1.11 from May while many other phones already have v1.13.
I can’t find any information about this here in the forum. Does anybody has more information? Will there be any more/e/ updates for the OP3T? Thanks.


Hi @Ulf welcome to the /e/ forum

Unfortunately oneplus3 was one of a number of devices which seemed to miss the 1.12.3 build

1.13 will continue to become available through to 7th August. The releases are usually distributed or staggered through a period of about 10 days.

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Hello @aibd

Thanks, great news. :+1: My OP3T stays tuned.

I just found at Week 32, 2023: Development and Testing Updates that the Oneplus 3 also missed /e/ v1.13. So stay tuned.

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