/e/phone samsung galaxy S7

I just bought from e a samsumg galaxy S7 and I’m very happy of it:
-Deliver on friday by UPS (ordered wednesday!)
-No default, as promised with A grade refurbishing
-I have all the apps I use except one in their APP store (signal, qwant, my canal, geoportail,oui scnf, ratp, SFR presse, mailo, cozy drive, the inly missing one is Investir, a french newspaper on stock market)
-Everything work perfectly except one little bug but not so important for me. Using video call on signal make the phone crash;
I strongly recommend /e/, and it will be perfect in the near future with some additional apps and correction of the remaining littles bug (on my side only one notices


Are you still happy? :slight_smile:
I would like to know if s7 with /e/ has the One Hand Mode, please?

The /e/ S7edge have this option.
You can choose witch hand you have to use.