/e/ pre-installed Grade A smartphones : How to buy them

Thanks for your purchase.

The S7 dimensions are 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9 mm (5.61 x 2.74 x 0.31 in)
The S3 Mini are 121.6 x 63 x 9.9 mm (4.79 x 2.48 x 0.39 in)
It is quite hard to find smaller phone today than the S7.

We hope you will like it!

It’s really not easy. The Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016 Exynos) SM-A310F - “a3xeltexx” isn’t nearly as powerful as the S7, but still a nice 4.7 inches /e/ phone, because it shines thanks to its noble design, flawless workmanship and excellent battery life (if it wasn’t for this problem).

/e/ Dimensions 130.1 mm (5.12 in) (h), 65.2 mm (w), 7.3mm (d)
GSMarena Dimensions 134.5 x 65.2 x 7.3 mm (5.30 x 2.57 x 0.29 in)
Samsung Dimensions 134,5 x 65,2 x 7,3 mm (5.30 x 2.57 x 0.29 in)

that problem disappears upon installing /e/ Pie!

It’s a known fact! But this is not of use to the user now. It is uncertain when the 9-pie migration will take place. The bug is known since April 19, 2019 and was updated by me a month ago on gitlab issues #943. Since then, updates have been released regularly, including this massive bug.

@Rik, please read the relevant user experiences before dismissing this system error as a marginal.

apologies, i did not intend to dismiss, just to inform!

Thanks @Manoj & @alexis I now have the shiny nearly new phone. The very expensive 273,56€ price paid for the phone way above market price is okay if the difference is used to install the OS and also help the e.foundation journey. :+1:

I am not sure about just what I have bought? :thinking: I thought that I was getting a de-googled phone that respects my privacy? With my previous old Samsung Slll mini I can turn most google stuff off fairly easily and kill mobile data, wifi, location, GPS and bluetooth etc in just one swipe and one tap.
Now just as with my wife’s Moto G I spent an hour or more with my S7 ePhone denying permissions to this that and about everything – it seems to be riddled with google and every feature wants to access all stored information; contacts, files, pictures etc. :scream: What on Earth is microG other than google? Why won’t it let me turn off connection to google servers and deny permission for network based location – terrible! :frowning:
Was hoping that I could get far away from google and USA Inc. but looks like I have just spent a lot of money to get into bed with them and I can’t even kill the location of the bed. I am sure you all know about reCAPTCHA and other google nasties like data breaches? :nauseated_face:
In my opinion due to issues widely known and reported such as privacy, security and data mining it is best to keep away from anything connected to google or USA Inc – difficult, I know!
Yes I know that others will want to give all their data to USA Inc and just ignore the small print when it comes to verification or tap and pay apps – so stay with mainstream – why bother with e? :roll_eyes:
Still it’s early days but I’m very disappointed and confused thus far. MicroG feature No1 Opt-in to Google Services and extend application support – Hey, I want out of everything google! MicroG feature No2; on-/offline location service – Hey, I want to turn off all location services but MicroG will not allow this! Who is in control of my phone? Certainly not me! :disappointed:

We have different views. That’s all right.

With /e/ OS & microG I largely regain control of my smartphone, since I can disable dozens of individual functions.

And if that isn’t enough, I can remove the complete microG (GmsCore) including location services from the /e/ phone without any danger.

/e/ OS & /e/cloud is my favorite Android™ /e/cosystem.

Of course @archje it is okay and even very good to have different views; how boring it would be if we all loved US Inc, Win10, Mac or iOS and freely donated all our data to google US Inc??? :+1:
It would be cool if you or any other member could tell me how to disable or revoke “permission to access approximate location (network-based)” as shown under microG Self-Check? Thanks All :cold_sweat:

@Manoj & @alexis From the very first part of e foundation web page:- “We build desirable, open source, privacy-enabled smartphone operating systems.” Is my current location not my data and private???
You then go on to say in large letters “Your smartphone is harvesting your data all day long, capturing with great detail where you are, who you are and what you’re doing 24/7.” Really!!! :roll_eyes:
“Time to escape from Mobile Surveillance!” - How ??? :weary:
“Enjoy privacy by design” Which design is that ??? :lying_face:
So why for heavens sake why can’t I revoke location permission under MicroG??? Please answer :woozy_face:

Hi @Andy1 it would be better for you to go through the /e/ website and Documentation to understand the points you have raised. Not sure if you are asking questions or just being sarcastic with the excessive emojis and question marks.
MicroG is required for apps which require a Google framework. It is not essential for /e/ to run but is in the ROM because most users still use some of these google dependent apps.
You can disable all the settings under ‘Google Services’ tab in microG Settings. You can read more details about MicroG project here

@Andy1, please start here → Settings > Location (OFF)

location1 location2

Why don’t you just turn off or disable every MicroG part ?

Hi @Manoj - Guess I was using emojis and question marks to relay my frustration and disappointment. Okay, and a little sarcasm if you prefer to translate this way regarding your claims on e web front page - you will agree that I have quoted accurately and asked a very specific question. Forgot to quote the e mantra - “your data is YOUR data” - try telling that to motoG?
Your answer

still leaves me confused as you cannot revoke location permission.
Perhaps the picture(s) below will clarify matters precisely?

No amount of tapping revokes this permission which I did not give in the first place. How does this sit with the claims you make on the e web front page? :roll_eyes: I know little about mobile phone OS’s but at 70 years old I comfortably exist with Trisquel, ubuntu or any other distros (OS’s). I use Navmii or Navfree on old S3 mini which works without need for mobile data to be activated and app for remote operation of samsung NX-mini camera. After installation of App I usually delete otherwise unused google account.
Stay Safe.

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Hi @Anonyme - I did that first off - got the T-Shirt
Thanks for taking time to answer - Stay Safe :+1:

As mentioned by @archje above you can go to Settings >> MicroG >>UnifiedNlp Setting and inside it disable the settings for location.
Also type Location in the settings Search bar and it will show where all location permission is being asked for. Disable it. Some apps like weather, maps on the phone do need location access.

Hey @archje thanks once again for your time and input - isn’t it great to be different? As you can see with my reply to @Manoj above I have tried but failed to remove this location permission which I did not grant in the first place!
I did have a look at UnifiedNlp Settings but backed off in case I messed up as I do not know what this location function does exactly or how it does whatever without storing data and being collected by Dougal.
Perhaps the future releases of e phone will address this with the chopped down version for me and all the bells and whistles for you? :relieved:

Please could I ask if you can explain if S7 e phone treats location like old S3 as I can’t specifically find GPS on-off? Thanks - stay safe. :+1:

Hey ALL @Manoj @archje @Anonyme - As advised I have taken a read of microG project backends et all. Looks as though you are just swapping google for Mozilla and Apple location services? :roll_eyes:
Though they were all already switched off I had a play with their settings before returning them to their unchecked status. I then turned to settings and searched for Location - all the usual suspects - all turned off.
I then returned to microG self test and location was still checked and active. Do you now accept that this cannot be unchecked, permission revoked etc and is at odds with your e phone web front page statements and mantra? :exploding_head:

As a sidenote this whole android permissions, “which app sends what data to where” and “control your data” thing is unfortunately an incredible mess.
It’s not e’s fault, obviously. Still, no ordinary user gets an overview. I’m pretty sure that was actually google’s intention while designing the system. Anyway, thanks for all the microG questions and answers, it’s good to have a closer look at the system.

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The reason why the MicroG setting are enabled by default is a majority of our users prefer to use apps that still depend on Google services. Keeping MicroG will require these users to enable the settings every time they setup the device. We have plans to introduce a FOSS version of the OS this year which will different levels of user profiles including a 0 level with almost no additional apps installed. Most probably we will even not have microG at that level. We give our user the option to turn of most of these settings. At the same time definitely there is a need to make it more customizable on the current ROM as well. Will pass on the feedback to the development team.

That would be a good thing. If the /e/ OS ROM without microG has implemented Signature Spoofing by default, so it is “microg ready”, microG can be easily installed with NanoDroid-microG. Users, who don’t need any location services at all, can also do without microG services.

/e/ »will be introducing a ROM later this year with the bare minimum apps 2 giving users the choice of installing what they prefer. Personally I am also looking forward to that version of /e/«. Me too.

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