/e/ pre-installed Grade A smartphones : How to buy them

If interested in purchasing an /e/ smartphone you can get details here. Please note stocks are limited. The orders will go out on first come first served basis. Which means that users who applied first will get their phones first.
You can get the details here …

Hello, I am new here. I would like to bye a /e/ smartphone but were can I find prices and models available? Thanks.


just click the link @Manoj posted above.


Impossible de payer par carte ou par payement Sépa, donc quand on ne veux pas utiliser paypal c’est mort !

The information is not complete. For example, it is not 100% compatible with all apps, for issues related to G0og1€ services and for example it does not have Android Auto

Speaking about smartphones with preinstalled /e/ I wanted to say about custom phones produced by E Foundation. Someone here noticed a name “ePhone”. He called phones with /e/ on it with this name. And I thought maybe you will create a phone with such name? A phone which looks good, easy to use, works fast and stable, it won’t still your data and won’t eat all resources with telemetry and updates. It’s case is robust and made of plastic or metal, it could be repaired if something is broken. You can easily replace it’s battery if it’s dead. It should have a good price/performance or price/quality ratio. It shouldn’t have a notch.


I love this idea!!
However, (this is the killer for me) it would be very difficult to engineer a phone like that (for a nonprofit? Specializing in software…) And why would you do that when you have the Xiaomi Pocophone???

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Some have tried. Most have failed. One day someone will succeed. “We choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard…” Purism Librem 5 could be the one?!

Pocophone looks like good hardware/price compromise, but is it “free” of mysterious hardware and software blobs?

I forgot about that possibility! How can one verify??!
I’ve heard all good, nothing bad about Pocophone… Is it only excellent marketing maybe?

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I’m no expert, but I Goo Startpage’d, and have to admit shamu looks worse, unless I missed something. The proprietary list for beryllium is MUCH shorter.

Reviews on (cough) YouTube say PocoF1 is a very fast phone with a big battery (and screen), but with very rounded corners, a big notch (or chin, or something), LCD not OLED screen, a decent but not great camera, and a great price… I agree, most reviewers say it’s very good for the price.

:rofl::joy::laughing: !!!