/e/ Q installation on Xperia Z3 Compact (z3c)

Hi /e/ Community,

I’m new in Android world and here. Indeed, I was in BB world before until few weeks ago.
So I hope I’m in the right forum section for my query.
I bought a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (z3c) & I want to install /e/ on it.
Indeed, no way to set my sim card in a phone with Google version of Android.
Today I have Android MM 6.0.1.
I read the documentation section about z3c.
Until now, I have the last firmware version (23.5.A.1.291) and I already unlocked the bootloader with the steps well described on Sony website.
So now I’m at the step 3: Booting a custom recovery using.
But before I proceed the step 3, I have a question about step 4 (installation of /e/) and the requirements:

Does it mean I can’t install directly /e/ while I have Android MM (6.0.1) on my z3c?
Since Q have not been published/pushed by Sony for z3c, does it mean I would need to install any ROM based on Q on my z3c before I install /e/?

If I have to do that, which one would you suggest me?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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No, you can ignore that bit of the documentation. I have successfully installed Q ROMs (both /e/ and Lineage OS for Microg) directly over the latest stock Sony Marshmallow ROM. Good luck :slight_smile:

The installation documentation is produced from a generic template, which means that some parts - like the bit about not installing Q over earlier stock ROMS - which apply only to some devices, are published in the documentation for devices to which they do not apply. There is work in progress to improve this but, at the moment it is a definite weakness of the /e/ documentation.

For now, I think it is better to follow the Lineage OS install documentation, but substitute TWRP for LOS Recovery, and flash the /e/ ROM not he LOS :slight_smile:

Hi @petefoth,

thanks a lot for your quick reply!
So I will try to do it with the link you posted!
I hope everything will be fine!


Hi @petefoth,

thanks to you, I have been able to install the last /e/ Q version on my Z3C.7
I used for recovery and installation the file provided here (https://images.ecloud.global/dev/z3c/)
I was scared 2-3 times but at the end, everything is fine.
I think there are 2-3 locations where we could improve the documentation (especially the steps you have to connect you phone or not).
It seems that at the step 6 of the section 3, the check is just: do you see /e/ screen?
Now I will look at this OS and test it!

Thanks Mib