/e/ R on Google Pixel 5 with Android 12?

Hey all,
since the latest update of devices I would like to install /e/ R on my Google Pixel 5 smartphone (currently running on Android 12).

I assume, it does not matter, which Android Version is currently installed on the device, right?

Just want to make sure before installation process, because I have read somewhere that /e/ R is related to Android 11. But that’s just the Android Version /e/ R is based on, correct?

Thanks in advance for helping out.

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Wrong! You will need to flash the latest stock android 11, as it says in the Requirements section of the installation instructions. This is the google version: 11.0.0 (RQ3A.211001.001, Oct 2021) and here are the installation instructions for stock and the downloads.



Thanks a lot for your help! Now I’m good to go.

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Hi !

I am trying to do the same for a samsung s10e with android 12. Where can I find android 11 ?

Is there any instructions somewhere ?..

Thanks for your help.

Hey Marine,
a quick duckDuckGo search gave me this.
At first glance I think, that’s what you’re looking for.

Hope that helps.

Thanks !

I don’t know, I am really confused as I have read manytimes that we couldn’t downgrade anymore to previous version of android. It seems it’s only working on nexus and pixel devices but I am not totally sure as I have no idea what I am talking about :slight_smile:

You are correct in your research that Android provides #anti-rollback protection which prevents downgrading regular Android firmware. You were right to start your fresh thread! Downgrading android 12 to 11 on a samsung galaxy s10e

Thanks :slight_smile: I hope I’ll find a solution.