/e/ release note: more details

Hi everybody,

for new version of /e/, we can have a look at the release not published by /e/ team.
But even if in this release note we have the list of the improvemebts, bugs fixed, … it’s difficult to really understand what are included in these improvements, bug fixes, …
Indeed, there is no link to the related epic, issue, …
To find what have been included in the last version (for example 1.8), you have to go in milestone section of GitLab and https://gitlab.e.foundation/groups/e/-/milestones?state=opened and look for the milestones 1.8-beta, 1.8-rc, 1.8-rc.2,1.8-rc.3 and 1.8. It’s a little bit long.

Is it possible (by a very easy way) to see in one page all the issue, epic, … which have been included in a release?

Thanks in advance

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Have passed on the feedback to the team.


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