/e/ set up Q's from new user

Hi all. I HAVE YET TO INSTALL /E/ but have some Q’s and your answers will help me decide what to do…
I’m running Lineage on a one plus 6. I’ve set up an /e/ account and it’s all syncing fine. I’m no coder, I just follow instructions so thanks to all those who have written instructions and help out.
My Q’s.
I Want to be free of google for good but there are some apps that are only available on the play store - I’ve asked the providers in question and they confirm this so, does the yalp store, or alternative actually work in installing play store apps without your own google account? Will google fix/close the spoofing that allows this? If they do, how do we get round it? I tried yalp on my current set up and when updating apps it said to uninstall previous app version. This will mean logging in again to each app I update. Is this how it works with yalp?

Launcher - is it stuck in an apple style, I have to have all apps ‘out on display’ sort of crap style? If so, that’s a deal breaker for me. I do not want an apple lookylikey. I can install another launcher but on every phone I’ve ever owned they cause problems and crash and end up being uninstalled. I want to organise my most used apps in folders and have an app drawer to access the rest.

How buggy actually is it? As a non tech chap, should I back away and wait until the bleeding edge has stopped bleeding?
Thanks all and big up to Gael and team for taking this on.

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Hi J,

Yoy can downliad EVERY app wich is in playstore with aurora, because it’s only a differnt frontend fir playsore, same as yalp. Both are able to connect annonymus to playstore.
But apps with inside purchase will need a goiglevaccount or some won’t work.

The best app store is f-droid with only ooen source apps.

Regarding launcher, you are absolut right. Use librechair or trebuchet or any other launcher.’

Normally it’s running stable. I know from other OnePlus 6 owners that most works fine. Some banking apps aren’t working under e.

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Hi @Json,

I can speak about my own experience wirh /e/ OS. I started to use it a year ago on my Oneplus One as the main phone.
In the beginning (Sep 2018) I had encountered some bugs that are rapidly fixed.

And now, I’m entirely satisfied with my Oneplus one /e/ phone.

To answer your questions :

  • First, for applications you can use Aurora Store which works like Yalp but more optimized i think. You can also use the /e/ Apps store, it offers the installation of the most famous applications and others, but if you can’t find an application you can submit it for addition via /e/ Apps Request app system.
  • Secondly, you can change the default launcher to any other launcher, personally i still use the default one, but I tried Total launcher, zeam launcher and others …

I think that the bugs depend on the type of device.

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Total launcher is my absolute favorite :+1::wink:

Yeah, me, too.The download of apps outside Google Play Store can currently also be done with Aurora Store (F-Droid). Alternatively and manually via web browser and “APK Downloader” or “Apkpure”. In how far that is legal and how long that is still possible, is a separate topic.

It can be problematic if the desired app asks for Google Services. In a zenario known to me, the execution of the app is canceled.

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Thanks H. One of the apps concerned is a mobile only banking app so will need to think about that. Hadn’t heard of Aurora so that’s progress.

Thanks Usem. Good to know. I suppose one thing I could do if I’m not sure is to re-install Lineage and just leave out the Play Store going for Aurora instead. It’s a thought.

Yes, a banking app is the above mentioned zenario.

Thanks Archie. I don’t want to get involved in blatant dubious processes so won’t download APKs but the Aurora store sounds interesting. I’ve had one app now - Tune in Radio - donwloaded from F-Droid that won’t work at all. I guess it calls for Google services. Will be a gamble as one of the apps I need is a mobile only banking app. Need access to my bank account!

@Json, all stores use *.apk, no matter whether it Google Play Store, Auroa Store or other *.apk downloader.

The first two offer the installation immediately after the download, the others *.apk have to be installed manually.

I use as few apps as possible.

I can’t find “TuneIn Radio” app in F-Droid?!

I use “RadioDroid” from F-Droid app shop. It does exactly what I want - without Google services.

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can’t find “TuneIn Radio” app in F-Droid?!
My mistake, it was from UptoDown app store. I’ll try your suggestion. Looks good. Cheers!

Please download apps only fron secure surces like f-droid / yalp / aurora. And not from aptoide ir someting else, because otherwise you can’t be sure that the code is original and yiy can load malware, virus or keylogger

Of course, safety first. Therefore it is best to download only from so-called secure sources. There are always several ways to get access to Apps. A “safe” way: at the manufacturer of the app, e.g. Threema Shop as a EU alternative to telegram and signal messenger.

What does"yiy" mean?

sorry, miss typing. ‘yiy’ should be ‘you’. I think I need glasses :pensive:

Dude, check out UptoDown. As far a I can tell this is one of the more upfront and legal of all app stores. But, yes, of course I won’t take a risk. That’s why I’m unsure about the legality of the whole spoofing thing. Really not sure if I want to take even that risk.

Thanks so much guys for all your help. Finally, if I did want to take the risk, does /e/ come with the ability to turn on spoofing in settings or is that a microg install?
Have a good weekend all!

I’m nit you dude !!!

I never want trust any app store which doesn’t use the the plays store api.
For FOSS is always f-droid the choice and for all others aurora or yalp.

I do apologise. Of course you’re not my dude. How silly.
I understand the F-Droid thing. No worries. good to have different opinions.