/e/ smartphone with smallest screen

i know right!! haha just for the thing of it i think /e/ should make this happen

get the Jelly2! THey have already promised to make their ROM available to the public, increasing massively the chances of LineageOS and /e/ development of the ROM

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Heavy for me please :

ps have a look at the rugged phones by Unihertz, they are small and good for outside use. No /e/ on them though.


The Unihertz Atom XL is not the smallest phone per se, but it might be the smallest DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) Phone. This would be pretty cool to have /e/ on!

It can use cell service, FRS (Family Radio Service) frequencies like a typical “walkie talkie”, and if you’re a licensed amateur radio operator… you can talk on the 70 centimeter band. No cell service required! :slight_smile:

I don’t personally own one of these, but it might be pretty nice if I decide to get rid of my Razer Phone someday.


Lets show them we would buy small screen smartphones, maybe its not the perfect one but we might be heard:


This might be useful as a cross-reference for people looking for a small phone:

Narrow down the options, then compare to /e/'s official and unofficial device lists until you find a match.

@Manoj: Someone could also use this to append the dimensions to /e/'s lists.

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The dimensions of devices are displayed in the supported devices table or in the device info page.


The OPX One Plus X is 5’ but it seems that /e/ stop the device support :thinking:


I discover the Palm phone with it’s 3.3" display :heart:
but only run android

The Palm Pepito is from 2018 or 2019 depending on the source, there’s no LineageOS for it, which /e/OS is based on, and efforts to go beyond the stock OS seem pretty complicated judging by several XDA threads, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up to see official support.

Since it’s a Project Treble device, I think your best shot would be getting a GSI to run … https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/guide-to-treble-gsi-on-the-palm-phone.4101947/, there are /e/OS GSIs … https://doc.e.foundation/support-topics/understand-and-use-gsi.


Samsung S7 is 5.1 inches , ultra powerful and compatible with eOS Android 10 stable


You can buy one preinstalled here

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Android 10 doesn’t get security updates from the Android base anymore, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 is not maintained by LineageOS currently, which /e/OS is based on.
Looks like a dead end, unless /e/OS developers for some reason or other want to soldier on with it somehow.

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Yes , But when the maintainer does not maintain anymore on the lineagesos side, this does not mean that the device will be abandonned unless there is some technical challenge that keeps from porting the device.

Android 12 S has great unofficial ports for Samsung S7 so I’m sure it will carry on with some work

Hopefully the fact that /e/ sold the S7 in its shop a while ago is reason enough to take care of that phone a little longer…


The Lineage device tree is at lineage-18.1 default

(and there is also a branch at lineage-19).

The S7 is one of the smaller ones, but I wouldn’t call 5.1 inches small. Sure, it’s smaller than almost all that have been produced since, but for my taste it’s still much bigger than I would need.

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Or depending on how long this while ago is, they could be in for more refunds (topic).

If the groundwork in LineageOS is still there, but it only lacks a maintainer, I guess chances are pretty good that the e foundation could pick up the pieces and upgrade the Android version to continue support.

I chose the Pixel5: 6", 14,49cm x 7cm x 0,79cm
Is approximately the same case size as the S7 (5,1", 14,24cm x 6,96cm x 0,79cm), but newer hardware and bigger Display.


Sure :grin:
That while equals almost 3 years now…
We’ll see, I’ll use it as long as it gets updates.

When I purchased it I actually chose it for the relatively small screen (emphasize relatively…).