/e/ smartphone with smallest screen

Hello, I’m working outside and i look for a smartphone with a small screen able to run /e/ os. Does someone know which smartphone could be good for that ?

Thanks, denis.

Maybe not the smallest Screen-size but defenitely one of the smallest-sized phones is the Xiaomi Redmi 4X. Screen 5", Overall length >14cm.
I am using it under /e/ and I am really happy with it although it is not a latest gen. phone.
Refurbished you may get it way below 100€.

Hi Denis,

Smallest screen size, 2.45 inches, and designed for outdoor, but unfortunately a Mediatek system, so not yet supported by slashy-slash:

Thanks both of you. I mean the smallest smartphone supported yet by /e/ os. I gonna check for the xiaomi but look great.

I searched for a small phone too. And I found that the Moto G LTE (peregrine) with a 4.5" screen was the smallest on the list a the time. It works very well under /e/.

I’ve my trusty S4 mini, 4.3" screen running either /e/OS (android 7.1.2) or in my case, unofficial LineageOS 16 (by arco68, xda), adapted by myself (Nanodroid-patcher for signature-spoofing, microG-installer by Magisk, etc. …), synchronized with my e.email-account+nextcloud. The phone may be older, but it’s very capable of running google-free…AND it fits very well in my jeans-pocket :slight_smile:

Pixel (sailfish) isn’t that big, either. And still a very competent device. I wish we’ll have it supported soon.

Another question is : does anyone know if in the 81 devices list able to run /e/ are they some that are waterproof and shockproof ?



Hi @Denis1 we do not have that type of a classification of the supported devices. If you are aware of any such devices you can check them against the supported list. Also if the device works with Lineage then there is a good chance it will work with /e/ as well.