/e/ smartphone with smallest screen

Hello, I’m working outside and i look for a smartphone with a small screen able to run /e/ os. Does someone know which smartphone could be good for that ?

Thanks, denis.


Maybe not the smallest Screen-size but defenitely one of the smallest-sized phones is the Xiaomi Redmi 4X. Screen 5", Overall length >14cm.
I am using it under /e/ and I am really happy with it although it is not a latest gen. phone.
Refurbished you may get it way below 100€.

Thanks both of you. I mean the smallest smartphone supported yet by /e/ os. I gonna check for the xiaomi but look great.

I searched for a small phone too. And I found that the Moto G LTE (peregrine) with a 4.5" screen was the smallest on the list a the time. It works very well under /e/.

I’ve my trusty S4 mini, 4.3" screen running either /e/OS (android 7.1.2) or in my case, unofficial LineageOS 16 (by arco68, xda), adapted by myself (Nanodroid-patcher for signature-spoofing, microG-installer by Magisk, etc. …), synchronized with my e.email-account+nextcloud. The phone may be older, but it’s very capable of running google-free…AND it fits very well in my jeans-pocket :slight_smile:

Another question is : does anyone know if in the 81 devices list able to run /e/ are they some that are waterproof and shockproof ?



Hi @Denis1 we do not have that type of a classification of the supported devices. If you are aware of any such devices you can check them against the supported list. Also if the device works with Lineage then there is a good chance it will work with /e/ as well.

hey all, i am interested in this too: a good, small (<5 inch, preferably like 4-4.5) smartphone. If anyone has any suggestions i would be very happy to hear them.
ps perhaps an idea for the /e/ device list: to make this into a table, with characteristics on which you can select? eg Android version, screen size, GB memory, etcetc. Would make it easier for people to select what they need!

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I will second what Grendel says as far as the reliability of the Moto G peregrine phone – although i moved to a Moto 4G Play (harpia) with a 5" screen when I started using /e/, I used the peregrine with stock Android for ~4 years and never had any problems. I’m actually really happy to know that peregrine works well with /e/, I think I’ll probably rehab my old one now and use it as a spare…

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This is probably more than /e/ is able to do with their available manpower, but there are some nice comparison sites that allow you to search by these criteria. I personally used https://www.phonearena.com/ to find the phone I am using. I didn’t care so much about screen size, but I wanted an SD card slot, a phone jack, and a removable battery, and it lets you search with all of those criteria as well as size, manufacturer, year of release, and many other fields.


…changed to /e/ in April '19, still using my beloved pocket-fitting Galaxy S4 mini
(GT-i9195, “serranoltexx”). It has a 4.3 inch screen, weights aprox. 110 grams, Micro USB, phone-connector. Instead of being powered by an ancient dualcore-cpu, no intolerable lags, works like a charm. I bought it second-hand in 2015…
So go and get some ! :slight_smile:


The market is quite empty on that.
The only ones that come to my mind are sony
zx1 compact and zx2 compact. Brilliant phones no supported by /e/ for now, but there is hope as they run GSI images.

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I have good experience with older Samsung devices including a rechargeable battery, e. g. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini : Display 10,85 cm (4,27 Zoll), 960×540 px (qHD)

See also … Experience using /e/ on Galaxy S4 mini?

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Sea this topic :


I’m a bit late to this thread, but I am very interested in smaller phones. In recent years I have owned the following, all with ~4.5 inch screens

  • Fairphone 1. a great phone but very old, and long gone.
  • Motorola Moto E (condor). (My backup phone) Officially supported by /e/ at the moment, but stuck on Nougat, so may be dropped soon :frowning:
  • Motorola Moto E 2015 LTE (surnia). (My wife’s phone.) Not supported, but unofficial Nougat ROMs are available
  • Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (suzuran).(My daily driver). Again, not supported, but unofficial Nougat ROMs are available. This is a great phone: as well as being small it is waterproof and dustproof. I hope to be able to keep this running an up-to-date version of /e/ until one or other of us dies :wink:

Personally I also prefer Phones with small screens but guess the phone manufacturers do not agree with that view. The current lot of phones pop out of shirt pockets and need both hands to usefully operate. The set of phones you mention are from a breed that is getting extinct. Most of them are on the ‘to be dropped’ list mainly because of lack of vendor support.


I like using my Samsung s4mini with /e/ pie unofficial.

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Hi @piero for users selling /e/ phones we have a section here. If you are interested in some form of partnership or seller agreement with /e/ you can contact the team at contact@e.email . I will discuss this internally with the team members as well. Not sure we have started such arrangements as yet but guess we should start thinking along those lines.

The Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016 Exynos) “a3xeltexx” SM-A310 F/M/Y isn’t the smallest of the smaller than 5 inch Android™ smartphones. But it has a noble style of Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and metal frame.


  • 134.5 x 65.2 x 7.3 mm (5.30 x 2.57 x 0.29 in)

  • 4.7 inches Super AMOLED Dispaly, display resolution in pixels 720 x 1280 (HD)

Note: in /e/ documentation - Screen: 540x960 (pixel) and Dimensions 130.1 x 65.2 x 7.3 mm do not correspond to the Samsung data sheet specs.

As with stockROM Android™ 7.0 (Nougat), it also supports 128 GB microsSD cards with LOS 17.1 and /e/ OS 9-pie, which can be used either as mobile removable memory or internal memory expansion.

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I’m in too ! I hate large phones… So official builds for Small phones as Pixel 3a I think is a must IMHO

Tks and continue de good work !!!

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