E software make,s my phone slow


I have installed e software but i have the feeling that my fairphone 3+is slowing down.

And when comes the new update?

Assuming you installed several months ago, do you feel this is a recent slowdown or was it there from the start?

Rebooting the phone doesn’t help?

What exactly does it say for you in Settings - About phone - Android version (tap on it) - /e/ version?

0.21-q just came out on the dev release channel, should be released on the stable release channel in a few days, if dev users don’t report severe problems.

this is a recent slowdown
could it also be because of the square home launcher? I’ve had it as my home screen for a few days now.
if that’s the reason I’ll delete it

I have the stable version of E 0.20-202111215151799
the update for 021 i have not yet received just checked.

Stable 0.21 isn’t out yet … https://images.ecloud.global/stable/FP3/ … as far as Android 10 (q) is concerned.
But we don’t know whether you are on Android 9 or Android 10. Settings - About phone - Android version (tap on it) - /e/ version would have simply included that info.

True, a launcher can make everything seem slow, but it shouldn’t, this would be a malfunction or an incompatibility with something. You don’t have to delete it right away to find out, I think.

You didn’t say whether rebooting the phone helps.

And you can just change the default launcher back to Bliss Launcher in Settings - Apps and notifications - Default apps - Home app to try whether the phone behaves differently.