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I did create a subject before that I deleted it because my idea was wrong.
So, I redo my subject to suggest only one feature:
to be able to put a news feed under the search bar in the same way as https://search.lilo.org/
So it would look like this:

In the previous conversation I deleted, @PaulaFairphone mentioned these 2 features:
“What I would really like in a customizable search engine is to customize the search results.
I block a lot of sites via hosts file and I’d really like it if those sites don’t come up in my search results.
Also I’d like the option to block sites that don’t work with https:// from coming up as search results.”

@PaulaFairphone I think the second feature you are asking for is available in the advanced preferences “HTTPS rewrite”

everyone can explore E-SPOT here: https://spot.ecloud.global/


Not exactly. I’m using the Firefox plugin https everywhere, which basically does what “Https rewrite” does, but all over the web. But not only does it open all sites as https if possible, but if that function is enabled it also blocks all sites that don’t have the option to browse them via https.
Now when I search the web I sometimes have to open many results until I find a site that won’t be blocked. I want such sites to simply not show up in my search results.

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I suggest to add a dark mode


I don’t know if I would use a dark mode :smile: but agree that it would be a good option to add if possible.