/e/ spot: "Rate limit exceeded 10008, try again later."

I am running /e/ os on a fairphone 3+ which I bought with the OS installed directly from /e/. Overall I enjoy the experience now that I managed to transfer and share most of my gmail services to the /e/ cloud (shared calendar, contacts,…). The included browser app, despite a small tendency to freeze once in a while, also works well enough.

The /e/ search engine tends to be a bit less user friendly as it frequently refuses to search and gives me:
“Rate limit exceeded 10008, try again later.” When I look up multiple things in a row.

Could anyone tell me why this happens/how to fix this? Would prefer to keep using this SE, but not sure If I can daily drive this if this keeps happening this frequently.

Thanks in advance.

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Rate limiting is a kind of abuse control. If you submit too many requests in a row, the server will decide not to respond anymore and give you this error instead. This prevents malicious attackers from easily overwhelming the server with too many requests and therefore make it unusable for other users as well.

I don’t know the exact numbers here, but usually you will not reach this limit with “normal” searching behaviour. I see two possibilities:

  1. You are really submitting a lot of queries, which would only be fixable by the /e/-devs raising the rate limit.
  2. There is something wrong with detecting how many queries you submit. I do not know how the detection is done in particular, so, unfortunately, I have no idea what it could be.

Thanks for the reply. I suspected something like this. But I do not feel like I am searching all that much. Just sometimes do 2 or 3 searches in a row to correct for spelling errors.

Hi there, i get the same problem and I don’t think I’m doing too much requests…


I encounter this problem frequently as well.