/e/spot to firefox search engine


What is the address to use, when you want to add /e/spot to your default search engine in firefox (or any other browser)?

Btw, the search field in Bliss points to the spot instance in your default browser.

If you want to add it manually to firefox it is…


… better pick the new murena domain.

This will do GET Requests and leave the searchterm in your browser history. By default searx (the software behind spot) will do POSTs, that leaves no query string url in your history.


I set /e/spot as my default search engine for my Firefox app and I like the aggregated search results from different search engines. An issue I’m having is that I get a message sometimes that says, HEADER TOO LARGE, and have to close the app and reenter my search. Is there a simple fix for this?

I checked the searx / searxng issues if this came up with them and didn’t have a hit. Usually what inflates a http request header are cookies. The preferences can do this. Have you enabled any additional search engines in the preferences?

I get some http-400-bad-requests back from image proxies when setting some custom search backends.

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I haven’t changed any preferences and just left it stock. It mostly happens when I’m doing a lot of searches back to back.