/e/ store on phone without /e/?

Hi, is it possible to install /e/ app and /e/ store on an Anrdoid phone withtout /e/?

Yes it is :+1::joy:

Apps store is built to be a system apps, so not sure it would work properly as a user app. You should use Aurora store (or Yalp store) on another OS.

Regarding Aurora and Yalp what is the benefits to use them with a Google Account if I have one?

Look here https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/android_prebuilts_prebuiltapks

I never know how to use what I download here. For example, I downloaded Calendar and when I try to install it, a message says “Package seems corrupted”…

The only interest in connecting to your google account in Aurora is to download applications you’ve paid.

i’d really be a big fan of this! it would be a nice small step for new users to take and to discover /e/. Is there an easy download link available somewhere? or is it available on Fdroid or even better - Google Play store :slight_smile: ?

As it allows users to download applications outside of the closed Google services, It is quite obvious that it won’t be allowed on the Google Play store.
No news on the Apps store being available on F-droid yet i imagine.

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I’m sorry, the apps on Git are all not signed so they can’t installed. And the App Store must be a system app otherwise it won’t work. So no way … in the moment to install any e app separate

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what does that mean, “signed”? OK, well perhaps something to aim for in the future! Look at the Libre phone for example, the fact that they made some of their apps publicly available gave them really good PR. It’s a nice starting point for new users.

Yes, but e.foundation does have only 2 ‘own’ apps. That’s bliss launcher and App store. Bliss is available on f-droid. The store nit, because it must be a system app, why ever.

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