/e/ Successfully setup on Galaxy S9, but phone model flagged by Cricket

I have a legit problem here, please quit flagging this as spam, wtf?

I will try and make this brief. I purchased a /e/ compatible Galaxy S9+ SM-G965F Installed /e/ and dropped in my sim. Everything worked fine for about an hour, until I started getting text messages that said this. “This device is not eligible for activation on the Cricket Network. Cricket’s High-Definition Voice Network requires use of a compatible device. For more information go to cricketwireless /devicecompatibility or see your Cricket store app.”

I think the voicemail app sent out my iemi, then At&t (parent company) realized the iemi matched a phone that is not on their compatibility whitelist,

and flagged the phone, then required me to call customer service, which once again tells me the phone is not compatible with their network.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Is there any way I can change the iemi number on the phone?
Or another way around this problem?

Hello @kris256 There is no way around this issue that I am aware of I’m afraid, other than switching from Cricket.

Some users have reported good results with T-Mobile but as for me, RedPocket Mobile (the GSMA Plan) is on the AT&T network (same as Cricket) with absolutely no issues whatsoever.

Good luck and best regards,

Edit: I believe the issue is that the Cricket service REQUIRES VOIP whereas the RedPocket Mobile service does not. Hope this helps.

Thanks for replying and for a straightforward answer.

I have a different question for you about RedPocket in this case. If they are using At&t towers will they not be obligated to push their customers to VoLte once At&t tries to drop off 3g? Or is there a way that they can work on 4g while still having the separate band for voice?

To the best of my knowledge, there is no obligation or requirement to push customers to VoLTE as it’s not a 3G/4G issue, but rather an MVNO choice. As such, my service with RPM is 4G LTE, just not with VoLTE functionality.

As for VoLTE on the S9, there is a pending fix coming in the 0.17 build according to devs. While there’s every expectation that it’ll work (and that it’ll show up in the next build), the nature of /e/OS does not allow for many absolutes.

In short, be guided accordingly! :slight_smile:

I ordered up a sim for a gsma plan through RedPocket and I am going to try them. Their prices are competitive and I very much dislike what At&t is up to with this stunt.

Quite simply this VoLte limitation that At&t forced upon my phone and contract had me looking for another solution and this seems like a good one. I have more loyalty to my privacy then my cell phone provider.

Thanks for all of the information you provided and your replying to follow-up questions. I very much appreciate that.

In my opinion, it’s just that the MVNO’s position themselves in the marketplace differently- while Cricket is owned by AT&T, it’s designed to be a streamlined customer experience and lower-cost (as compared to AT&T direct) while the RPM GSMA plan is a truly “stripped down” version of the AT&T network where talk minutes, texts are tracked/calculated on a per minute basis, but access to the full device menu of AT&T is allowed.

Remember, AT&T is a global corporation which is why the global unlocked Samsungs really aren’t a problem for them- it is also of course possible to “go direct” to AT&T Wireless if one ever wanted the full-featured “AT&T experience”- of course, at a significant monthly cost! :rofl:

You’re welcome- we’re all here to share what we know and learn what we can, so I’m glad to help. If it weren’t for a few intrepid and helpful souls that assisted me when I needed it most, I would have long fallen off the /e/OS train!

Remember to let us know how it goes and share your experience so others can learn. Have a good day.

It sounds like the phone is locked to AT&T

I don’t know if this is your case but what sometimes happens is that a person gets a plan and phone from a carrier, then quits before the phone or the contract is paid off, then sells the phone. In that case there is nothing you can do to get it to work on a different carrier until the locked carrier releases it.