/e/ support in Cologne/Germany (in person) or international (online)

Dear community,

I am very interested in the /e/ OS for quite some time, but I do not know anyone who uses it and am technically not knowledgeable enough to install it by myself.
Reading this forum I also have the feeling that the system is still in some kind of developing stage and targeting experts rather than standard users.

I am therefore looking for someone to talk to via audio/video or even to meet in person who can explain the pros&cons as well as model preference in a live discussion.
And who can help to install /e/ on a phone in order to try it out.

The preinstalled phones from the esolutionshop are too expensive (all beyond 300 Euros), especially as I do not know what to expect.
I would prefer to buy a new or second hand model for around 100 Euros and then install the operating system on it.
Purchasing a second hand model with /e/ already installed is no option due to obvious security concerns.

I am living in Cologne/Köln area.
Assistance online may also be an option if /e/ can be remotely installed.

It would be most beneficial if I could learn how to install the OS so that I can assist other friends who are also interested.

As a suggestion to the experts in the community:
I think there are a couple of people -like me- who are interested, but who are unable/unwilling to pay a lot for a new phone and who do not have the knowledge to install the OS by themselves.
What about developing the “Easy Installer” for a few further popular low cost models (beside the GS290) so that /e/ is cheaper and easier accessible?

Best regards

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I recommend to think from your requirements which apps you want to use? Payed Apps from Google playstore? Then I would say e/ OS is not for you. Sorry I think a lot reading is essential to understand the concepts ideas. See for disadvantages of e/ OS See e.g.: /e/: Eine datenschutzfreundliche Android-Alternative? ⋆ Kuketz IT-Security Blog compatible Apps: I am since 2 years very happy on FP3 with e OS, See someone explained it very good: Ein Smartphone ohne Apple und Google: Testbericht des Fairphone mit /e/OS auf Android-Basis - Dr. DSGVO to be honest without some time to read and experiment I recommend to buy a phone with an already pre-installed one in the shop and not try install it in your own.

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Hi @No-Idea, welcome to the community.

There is a spreadsheet maintained by /e/Foundation with a list of members who have volunteered their help in different cities, including several in Germany. It may be somewhat dated, but have a look: https://ecloud.global/apps/onlyoffice/s/xH4BA8wW5PcodnL

Flashing a custom Android ROM is not that hard; I did it myself for the first time last summer. If you know anyone who has experience with LineageOS, for instance, they can also flash /e/OS for you, as it’s the same process. When you find someone who can help, just watch them do it and you’ll see that it’s fairly simple.

Keep in mind that any phone you choose has to:

  • have an unlockable bootloader;
  • have an /e/OS build for its specific model number, either an official build or unofficial;
  • meet the network requirements of your chosen mobile provider (specific bands, VoLTE, etc.)

You can search for the official and unofficial device lists here in the forum. Once you decide on a particular device, search for any posts written about it here to get an idea if it’s a good fit for you.

May I suggest organizing a “flashing party” with your friends and a helper/instructor? Maybe at a gasthaus, with beer and good wifi? :wink:


Dear Franky, Taurus and Piero,

with quite some delay I would like to thank all three of you for your responses, comments and suggestions.
Which were/are all helpful and valuable.

I would like to suggest the /e/ team to make the migration from Google/iPhones technically easier as well as cheaper for standard users by developing the “Easy Installer” for one or two more up-to-date low-priced telephone models.

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@No-Idea are you still looking out for a workshop?- there is an event upcoming in your area (Köln) on the 20th by the fsfe - Upcycling Android Workshop - Mobilizon


Thank you very much, “tcecyk”.

I was looking for exactly such an opportunity - 9 months ago.

In the meantime I bought a second hand GS290 with preinstalled /e/ and am currently not living in Köln anymore.

But I would have preferred to participate in such a workshop, to gain the experience and to benefit from the related networking opportunity.

I therefore hope that your response will now help others.

I really appreciate that you took the time and effort to respond to my old thread.
And offer the needed solution.

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