/e/-Updates on Fairphone 3


I have been a satisfied user of /e/ on the Fairphone 3 for a few years now, but I noticed that there have been no new system updates since October 31, 2022 (version 1.5).

Is the support of the Fairphone 3 discontinued?

I have searched here in the forum for the answer, but unfortunately did not find it.

Thanks for your answer.

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Your device is running an old android10 based /e/ build
FP3 builds are now based on android 12

Week 29, 2023: Development and Testing Updates

Downloads for the FP3



A question about how to Manually upgrade FP3 from Android 10 (dev) to 12 (stable) was answered recently.


Thanks a lot! Let’s see if I can manage the upgrade :wink:.

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