Manually upgrade FP3 from Android 10 (dev) to 12 (stable)


I have a FP3 running /e/OS Android 10 (dev branch), because no new automatic upgrades seems to be available anymore, I would like to upgrade it manually. I’m not sure what my options are. Is is possible to upgrade directly to 1.12.3-S ? Or maybe 1.8.1-R ?



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Well one option would be to treat this as a new install of your FP3 either by manual install or Easy installer

Either method would involve format of data on your phone, so it would require you to have backed up all things you would consider important. If you consider asking about backup, search first ! do you use ?

This is not necessary, but you might find on the forum cases where users report having made the move from Q to R without loss of data but they still had made a backup first. Maybe then you would use the phone for a week or so and try to make the upgrade to Android 12 (S) (with the same risks !). I would go for the first option.


Thank you for your answer. I think I will go with the first option, full clean install.
Have you used seedvault for backup? Is it working well and restores everything correctly?
I also have ecloud enabled so I guess this is some form of backup, but only user data. And probably not all of it.


Only experimented, but I have a small saved file, unused. I might regard it as a very small part of my relaxed strategy. Try this

I felt my experiments with and (needs rooted debugging, so likely will not restore to stable) / were more clear to me where the backup might be relied upon.

Not from dev to stable (looking at the topic title), switching the release channel is always a new install including data wipe.

I haven’t used it myself, but forum reports say it isn’t a complete backup, and for the time being it requires Apps to opt in (the App developer has to set this) and can only backup such Apps and data. I think I read that this opt-in thing will be dropped in the future.

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You noted that I did not recommend this route, suggesting further reading, but I am interested as I have made this statement for another device and been challenged. Is your comment directed as specific Fairphone thing ? Or do you really mean this ? Are you also being specific about data wipe rather than Format data ?

switching the release channel is always a new install including data wipe.

Oh, can you find this?

I think I saw a mention once why that is, but challenge me to find it now, and I’d rather happily accept to be proven wrong :slight_smile: .

No, I’m not being specific. The occasions where this technical difference really matters should be rare, and your influence as a user on what is being done technically when you press a button or choose an option is limited.

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Hi @AnotherElk I am not going to look for “evidence” in this case. I am inclined to agree with you in the case of giving advice to others partly because I am not fully informed on the, from time to time possibly changing, divergence between dev and stable.

Sorry to hijack your thread @louisdb with this noise, I hope my second (“I would go for the first answer”) suggestion gave the sense of experimental.

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