E watch companion?

I discovered the pinetime watch, i find it a very nice addition to /e/. It can do some simple things such as

Measure heart rate.
Control your music.
Step counter.

The watch has to be connected through gadgetbridge.

I’ve been fiddling around, and made a watch face for myself (not satisfied yet…) Also merged a bluetooth fix, because there were issues with it.

I can share the build, if someone is interested (will remove the hexadecimal, thats my thing ;))

The nice thing is, the software is open source and contains no evil stuff.

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What’s that?


Cool! Which of the available OS are you running on the Watch?

There’s a companion app in the making (it’s been some time tho), wondering how that’ll work.

the hexadecimal, thats my thing

I think that’s what he’s refering to, like a signature. Tho it’s not hexa…?

The time :wink: in hexadecimal parts hours, minutes, seconds.

Cant get the colors right (PNG to C -array conversion):

Build here


Thanks @andrelam for adapting the code of /e/OS to work on a watch.

Oh its not /e/ code, its just software in the spirit of /e/, open source, no tracking or whatever. Just made an “/e/ watchface” and made some minor changes.

You got a shoutout from Gael himself :grinning:

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Hi you mentioned a bluetooth fix. I just got a pinetime and it will randomly disconnect from gadgetbridge and will not reconnect unless I restart the watch. Will your fix correct this?

Also, I want to try your build. I just have to learn how to update this thing. I think mine came with 1.6. It looks like they are up to 1.9 now

Oh yes, update it asap the bluetooth is so much better (it is not my fix, i just merged)

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Sorry I am new to this. Do I update to the 1.9 and then install your build if I want the e watch face? Or would I install your build like an update?

just dl the *dfu zip here with your phone, and then using the file browser “open with” > gadget bridge, install starts automatic (when bluetooth is connected)

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I have to say after a little while of using the pine time, I like it very much. It is a great little open source smart watch. The e watchface is awesome too! Thank you for sharing. Highly recommend as a cool gadget to go with your /e/ os phone

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Hi! Did you abandoned the project?