/e/ webmail slowness and attachment size limitation

Hi everyone ! :smile:

I’ve searched for similar topic but I didn’t find any :thinking:

I don’t know if I am the only one who have this problem, but the /e/ webmail is quite slow. When I click on an unread e-mail, it takes… perhaps 10 or 15 seconds to load and display it :sleeping: And sometimes the e-mail is not displayed at all. I must click again on it to start again its loading. Same thing to save a draft or send an e-mail: the loading time is always higher than 10 seconds.

It is not a very big problem, but it would be great if the reactivity of the webmail could be improved :innocent:

However, from my smartphone the access to my e-mails is fast :+1:

Second thing concerning the webmail : the size allowed for attachment is small (2 or 3Mb). I had to send a PDF file and I was not be able to do this because the size of the pdf is ~5Mb. Is it planned to increase this size limit ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Concerning the time delay, I have the same problem on /e/ and my Nextcloud server.

Both of them use Rainloop which I never liked exactly because of the slow performance.

I run a mail server with Roundcube as front-end webmail. And rather than Rainloop I would use Horde.

Anyway, only Rainloop is available for Nextcloud besides the Mail app which is poorly simple.

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Yes, I noticed the inertia of the system from the first second. A performance boost would be a good thing.

Hi @Julien_Ollivier thanks for reporting this in. The response does seem to be a bit too slow now. Have passed on to the dev team to look into. Will update once I get a response.

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Ok thank you :slight_smile:

@Julien_Ollivier ou’re not the only one. It’s slow for me too!
Thanks for reporting the issue @manoj :innocent:

Pl can one of you raise it as a bug here. I have shared the issue with the dev team but given the work load there is a good chance they may move on to other tasks. Having a bug around it helps keep track on what is to be done.



Hi @Manoj,

Thank you for the slowness problem, now there is a bug for the dev team (thanks @archje) and I think it will be resolved in the future :slight_smile: :partying_face:

What do you think about the attachment size limitation ? Do you think it could be possible to increase max size of attachment ? Actually I don’t know what is the global limit size for all the attachments, but I noticed that one attachment cannot weigh more than ~2/3 MB. It is annoying because if we must send a larger file, it is necessary to put it on the cloud and to share a link to the recipient of the e-mail. It’s not very pratical :sweat_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Let me check on the size limitation and get back

Hi @Julien_Ollivier have shared with the dev team …a bug has been raised for this issue
The team is checking if the size of the attachment can be increased to 15 mb

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It’s great, thank you @Manoj :smile:

Why 15? 25 seems to be industry standard

I use rainloop in 2 other nextcloud providers. loading time 1s. In /e/ it is 10s.