Easy Installer, Apple, Fp3 help needed

Hallo e-people,
Trying to use the easy installer on an MacBook Air M1 to get e/os onto my Fairphone 3.
I get stuck at the above screenshot.
Waiting for the next step to start automatically.

FAQ is no help here [mac OS]. Maybe someone here can help me?

regards, Andrew

A bit disappointing that, except for someone who helped me with the tags, I have had no replies.
Does this mean that no one has installed via the easy installer on an Apple Chip Mac?

regards, Andrew

A search reveals a few hits https://community.e.foundation/search?context=topic&context_id=53210&q=%23fp3%20%2B%20%23easy-installer%20%2B%20Mac&skip_context=tru

Checking the relevant tags Easy Installer , easy-installer , fp3 and Search Mac may give more insight.

Observation from non Fairphone user.

  • Users have particular difficulty to find the log with a Mac

  • Manual install is with a script, plus being fully aware of all issues around unlock and lock.

  • We cannot easily help “mid flow” with Easy Installer without a log.

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@sadlera your image shows device state locked.

So a speculation is that Easy Installer did nothing.

I would study carefully how to verify the stages of full unlocking manually. Maybe you can then ask specific questions on that subject.

Sounds harsh, but I hope it helps or guides.

PS perhaps look at unlocking methods in the “manual way” here https://doc.e.foundation/devices/FP3/install

starts with

Allow the bootloader unlocking by following the official FP3 unlock documentation

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It means nobody

has done this
+ saw your post here
+ had an answer or something to say at least
+ saw fit to type it here.

With a Mac it’s just tougher odds to start with, as the forum shows time and again.
To move forward it’s often quicker to just look for a Windows or Linux computer somewhere than to troubleshoot on the Mac when it would seem only a small fraction of users here use Macs :man_shrugging:.

As for the issue itself, @aibd is correct … the Easy Installer log would help to see what’s going on on the Mac, and there’s still installing manually if all else fails.

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As a non Mac user … Mac users will become familiar with the need to “allow” … “commands of outside parties”.

Speculation once you allow the Easy Installer in such way, how does one know if all commands within the script are also allowed ?

So for instance an “outside party” command has to get permission

  • to run an unlock command on a “outside party device”.
  • to collect and write your log to a new directory in “home”.

the adb tools internal to the installer are packaged for the “x86_64” cpu architecture (not yet for “arm”) - you’ll need the Rosetta emu layer for Mac to have this work. Were you prompted during install to install this one? https://doc.e.foundation/easy-installer-macos#troubleshooting

Another common error is the image fails to download because of broken link or mismatching file hash. A log will give this away.

When you stop at this stage and have the device already plugged, adb / fastboot tools fail to even use usb, so I guess adb/fastboot themselves can’t run / be called.

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Mac user here: I flashed /e/OS on a FP3+ with command line on my Macbook Pro, I think it is better this way than using the Easy Installer. If you wish to try command line it would be easier for all of us to help.

@MaMaTT88 what cpu arch, how did you procure adb / fastboot ?

Intel processors, so x86_64 arch.
I got the adb tools following the /e/ documentation:


@sadlera you’d still need to supply some sort of log to make progress on your issue. I see the FAQ is not updated to include a macos path - but at least on the bottom of your screenshot you can click “V Log” and have some lines that can be helpful (admittedly not very distinct “button”).

(as to the arch support I looked it up: the official Google platform sdk download for macos is a universal binary for Apple M1 since January 2022 in v32… /e/ merged macos support in mid 2022 - but it seems it’s not a version with universal binary support, thus requiring Rosetta 2)

# EasyInstaller.app/Contents/MacOS/bin/adb$ file adb fastboot 
fastboot: Mach-O 64-bit x86_64 executable, flags:<NOUNDEFS|DYLDLINK|TWOLEVEL|WEAK_DEFINES|BINDS_TO_WEAK|PIE>

# platform-tools_r34.0.5-darwin/platform-tools$ file adb fastboot 
adb:      Mach-O universal binary with 2 architectures: [x86_64:\012- Mach-O 64-bit x86_64 executable, flags:<NOUNDEFS|DYLDLINK|TWOLEVEL|WEAK_DEFINES|BINDS_TO_WEAK|PIE|HAS_TLV_DESCRIPTORS>] [\012- arm64:\012- Mach-O 64-bit arm64 executable, flags:<NOUNDEFS|DYLDLINK|TWOLEVEL|WEAK_DEFINES|BINDS_TO_WEAK|PIE|HAS_TLV_DESCRIPTORS>]
fastboot: Mach-O universal binary with 2 architectures: [x86_64:\012- Mach-O 64-bit x86_64 executable, flags:<NOUNDEFS|DYLDLINK|TWOLEVEL|WEAK_DEFINES|BINDS_TO_WEAK|PIE>] [\012- arm64:\012- Mach-O 64-bit arm64 executable, flags:<NOUNDEFS|DYLDLINK|TWOLEVEL|WEAK_DEFINES|BINDS_TO_WEAK|PIE>]

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