Easy-installer : Fail to access eRecovery samsung galaxy s9 SM-G960F/DS

I am trying to flash my samsung galaxy S9 phone (SM960F/DS, the dual sim version).
But I failed to install /e/.
Here are the step when I start having trouble :

When I reach the step when it say restart your phone to recovery mode mode

But instead when I do so, I arrived in the default recovery mode of samsung

I still try to proceed doing the factory reset and apply update from ADB (even so i was not sure that it will work.

Capture of the default samsung boot and error

But instead of installing it still on samsung.
So I am wondering what am I doing wrong and how to solved it to be able to completly install /e/ ?
And how to enable the erecovery to work ?

Note : I try to read a bit information about the erecovery but most are talking about TWRP instead of erecovery.

Please find here the log of the easy-installer.

Thanks for any help on this
If you have any doubt or need more detail explaination on some point, feel free to ask

Hi !
You might probably miss the two previous steps… Switching from vol (-) to vol (+) while keeping all the other button applied, in the correct timing is a little bit tricky.

Otherwise, there may be an issue with the easy insraller. I flashed 2 S9 in the past year. The first went flawless with windows easy installer. The second one, 6 month later, never passed with windows but succeed first attempt with Linux Ubuntu.
I never knew if the win vs Linux was the key or if it is just that I repetedly failed with the ‘vol(-) - vol(+)’ trick…

By the way, every fail attempt looked exactly as you described : reboot on Samsung recovery.

Good luck !

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Thanks a lot for the help, I try like almost 10 more time on window without working.
Then I decided to try on mac, and it work on first go, so might be the window installer.
So all good now !
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