Easy-installer failed on samsung S9


I try to adopt /e/ by using easy-installer on Ubuntu 21.10.
I connect my samsung galaxy S9 and follow the process but in the last step, the phone freeze on the following screen. After I restart the phone the only boot is on TWRP
Any help on what I need to do ?

Which version of stock android was your phone on? The zip that failed to install is for android 8 (Oreo) and afaik that version of /e/ may not install correctly if you were on a newer version before. This thread may be of use:

Please could you use this link to help you find the Easy Installer log and see if that gives some clues and / or share the log here. Thanks.

Howto troubleshoot issues with the easy-installer

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Thank you for you reply.
I don’t know the previous stock android version :grimacing:

Thank you for your reply
Here is the logs : https://ecloud.global/s/HTfjfpEbpiT92Hb

Hi @Sebu I had a look at the log, but I have to leave the house now !

An observation, it is a long log, with much repetition, but it contains many positives.

Effectively it looks to me as if the blocker is recorded at line 2881.

Error installing zip file '/sdcard/VENDOR-27_ARI9.zip'

I then searched this item backwards, but at a time limited first pass did not reach a conclusion WHY.

That is what we need to resolve. You may well find more clues in the log if you focus on that item; I will look again later.

And / or you could always just try again and I would try to use a different cable, in case some edge case issue there is causing so much repetition in the log.

I try to relaunch but the phone only reboot from TWRP so I just can’t retry de process it doesn’t work

I am grateful for your help massive thanks to you :bowing_man:

Like @helicase mentionned it earlier maybe it is linked

The zip that failed to install is for android 8 (Oreo) and afaik that version of /e/ may not install correctly if you were on a newer version before

Bat the fact is that I don’t choose anything the installer do all the choice job alone

As you say Easy Installer just does it’s thing and does what is required and you do not influence its choices. Follow the link below to check the version of /e/ which Easy Installer will install today; it is Oreo.

But the phone will still boot into Download mode? You might need to catch it as it powers down, and button press for Download mode. Or not?

[LIST] Devices working with the Easy Installer

Yes I can boot on download mode [power]+[bixby]+[volume down] or TWRP

Alternatively, you have TWRP, you might as well follow the manual instructions and install -dev; https://images.ecloud.global/dev/starlte/.


The trouble with the easy installer is, that it only offers the latest stable release, which is android 8 Oreo for the Samsung S9. As I mentioned before, if you were on a newer stock version, installation may not work:

If you don’t want to wait for the easy installer to support android 10 Q, your best bet I think would be to try manual installation. You’ve already got adb, Heimdall and TWRP installed through the easy installer, so starting from “Resize Userdata” should do the trick:
If you try this, you’ll probably need a newer patch though. The install doc links to version 1.0, but I’d try 6.1 mentioned in the thread I posted in my first reply (post no.21). (Sorry, the forum doesn’t allow me to post more than 2 links at a time.)

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I try to reboot from the download part and everything goes fine this time.
Don’t ask me why :person_shrugging:
I want to thank you all for your kindness in helping me find out what is wrong.
It is the real power of this growing community.

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