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/e/ version installed
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Validation chart


The official /e/ documentation page is nows found here https://doc.e.foundation/easy-installer.

This page was last updated with factual information on 05-05-2022. More devices are now supported. The following list of the “original” Easy Installer supported models, links to each device’s information page. Some devices include variants which are not supported by /e/. At the foot of each information page you will find details. Especially in the case of Samsung, please note the exact models supported. For instance /e/ supports SM-G955F but not SM-G955U. You can also check from the validation chart below if anyone has tested certain models (in the cases where a model is supported by /e/ but not verified working in Easy Installer).

Fairphone 3/3+

Gigaset GS290

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8+

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The current released Easy Installer version can be found here. Other newer versions are now in circulation.

/e/ version installed


You should be sure to know what version to expect and read about the potential hazards of downgrading, if your phone already has Android 9 - pie or 10 - Q and that is higher than version offered by Easy Installer.
To check the expected version, please press the link to your device below.
This will open the repository for the stable images for your device.
Easy installer is expected to install the latest stable image for your device.

You can read the /e/version, Android version and date when you bear in mind this naming convention (example IMG-e-0.15-q-20210317106351-stable-FP3.zip):
Android versions are; 7, Nougat, n | 8, Oreo, o | 9, Pie, p | Android 10, q.

Gigaset GS290
Fairphone 3 = Fairphone 3+
Samsung Galaxy S9Samsung Galaxy S9+
Samsung Galaxy S8Samsung Galaxy S8+
Samsung Galaxy S7Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Further Reading

:bulb: Before you start Know your hardware -Samsung

:bulb: How to troubleshoot issues with Easy Installer and find the logs

:warning:How to Easy Installer for Windows stuck after booting the Fairphone in fastboot mode

:warning:How to GS290 stuck in fastboot/bootloader mode with the Easy Installer on Windows

Search for Easy Installer topics and any current issues.


The Easy Installer team, testers and users can all benefit if success with Easy Installer is recorded here.

You can help by recording your success (or difficulties) in a post below, the more the better :smile:. Please mention accurately your device name and model and the /e/ version delivered to you . In the case of successful install reports your @name or name :ballot_box_with_check: (limited @ per post) will be added (:heart: , to acknowledge!) to the list under it worked for me. /e/ thanks you for your help validating the project :smiley:

If you have any issues to report or would like to ask for help please do so on a new thread.

Validation chart

Name DeviceCode it worked for me
GS290 GS290 :iphone:
GS290 @Shenol Dreamer :ballot_box_with_check:
FP3/FP3+ FP3 :iphone: :iphone:
FP3+ :slight_smile: @manoj @ljahn @Nytt @avtkal
FP3 @Shenol
S9+ star2lte :iphone: @manoj
SM-G965F :slight_smile:
SM-G965F/DS :slight_smile: egx470 :ballot_box_with_check:
S9 starlte :iphone:
SM-G960F :slight_smile: @Tinybit @Daddy
SM-G960F/DS :slight_smile: @Nathanael
S8+ dream2lte :iphone:
SM-G955F :wink:
S8 dreamlte :iphone:
SM-G950F :slight_smile: @Denis_O @Tinybit
S7 Edge hero2lte :iphone:
SM-G935F :wink:
S7 herolte :iphone:
SM-G930F :slight_smile:
SM-G930FD oobleck :ballot_box_with_check:

This is just a naming convention question:

What about the FP3+? It’s the same SoC as in the FP3, so it’s absolutely expected to work as well.
I can confirm that it works, because I installed e0.13-q on one via the easy installer.

So should I now

  • add another row with FP3+
  • just change the “Name” field to FP3/FP3+ as done on the /e/ gitlab
  • or do nothing because “everyone knows :wink:” they are the same?
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You can make it FP3/FP3 as used on /e/ Gitlab so that we are consistent :slight_smile:

I took the view with the Samsung devices that potential new users would appreciate the reassurance that early adopters validated their actual model - even where the SOC is identical, doubts still linger.

@Manoj @ljahn, I apologise that I have overwritten your validations. As I have introduced the concept of personal responsibility for early adopter’s approval, it seems a liberty for me to guess that you are happy to have your usernames filled in by me. Thanks :slight_smile:

If experts feel they can validate two models at once, that is fine and visible.

:slight_smile: I have not personally tested the Easy Installer with a supported device as I do not own one. Should be getting a couple in April so that I can conduct these tests myself. The data I shared was based on the inputs from the developer. All the same have added my own name.

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I see the GS290 marked as “working” but there were recent posts that the stable version for that device ends up in a bootloop


@Ingo_FP_Angel thank you for your research. The arbitrary method, chosen yesterday :slight_smile: , for validating devices is to have a username associated with validations, so that people can be reassured by things that user has written about his device. In this case I must reluctantly ask @Manoj please can you check with your source.

If anyone is in a position to file an issue on this device, please could I ask them to do so.

I have removed the GS290 from the list. The developer had tested the device before releasing it. The latest builds may be having an issue. All the same we will add it back when it gets tested again and clears it.

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|Model|it works|
| SM-G950F | @Denis_O |

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Nice, does that mean that we can install /e/ android 10 on a S9 with the easy installer now?
Because I’ve bought a S9 SM-G960F running android 10 since /e/ announced its android 10 version and I still can’t use it as I’m waiting to be able to flash it with the easy installer

On my ubuntu Version 20.04.2 LTS (Focal Fossa) 64-bit + MATE 1.24.0
Noyau Linux 5.8.0-43-generic x86_64
With : snap Easy Installer - v0.11.2-beta is … OK Yes !!

My FP3+ is ok for me, My FP3+ is degooglized ! Yes !!


Hello I did install e on SM-G960F/DS with the easy installer on Linux (Arch) 2 months ago. Thanks !


I don’t have an issue with the devices but with the Easy Installer, it often fails to download full image, so it cannot start the process.

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It needs support! Do other people know why? Is it device related? Is it bumping the Windoze update? Or timing not communicated to the user?

If you are suggesting that the download “just stops” - I had not considered that.

Hi @Shenol is there an issue raised for this on gitlab pl can you share the ID. I can request the developer to have a look at this.

Firstly I was not able to figure our how to edit the table with my name :man_shrugging:

From Lubuntu using Smart installer:
galaxy S8 SM-G950F installed on first hit - absolutely amazing experience :heavy_heart_exclamation: so impressed! :+1: great job!
galaxy S9 SM-G960F installed with issues - process had errors, but always validated downloaded install (no need to download again on easy installer restart) and on the third go repeating easy installer was able to successfully install. Error report send as part of the troubled install.
Comments : Easy installer might benefit from “step back” button.

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Hi, could you answer my question, please?

Once we release the 10 stable builds for the supported devices it should be available on the Easy Installer. This thread was created to figure out which builds and devices work.

Well for now you can manually upgrade after easy install v8.1 if really needed https://doc.e.foundation/devices/starlte/upgrade

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Thank you but my S9 is running android 10 already and it is not advised to flash a downgrade