Easy Installer for migration Android 9 to 10

Hi Alls,
I’m running Android 9 on a FP3 with EOS 0.23. Is it safe to use the EasyInstaller to migrate to Android 10 ?
Is someone have already try ?
Thanks in advance


As i remember, upgrading stock firmware first was recommanded

Keep in mind …

If you are referring to this, this upgraded Easy Installer isn’t here yet. And it’s not clear yet how that “help” would actually help in practice.

As of now, you can use the Easy Installer to do a new install. Your data will be wiped in the process. Doesn’t sound too differently yet.

Wait a little longer for Easy Installer v0.16, it is almost finished. Then you can upgrade to /e/OS R (Android 11), as the stable channel is moved from Q to R.


Hi, I tried to use the easy installer v0.16 and linux and it worked so far up to Q, next update via system update was R. One issue is the touch response by vibration feedback, I can 't switch it off, by typing this it is active, all possibilities I found to switch off are off.
I messed up with my serial, I think installing by script was failing because of that. I did not go to stock OS before, this was not possible.
So I was happy with the easyinstaller.

The new version of Easy Installer (V0.16) will be the solution to move to R.

0.16 is now out, is it ok to use to migrate to R from e/OS V0.23 ?
Is someone have try ?