Easy Installer for Samsung Galaxy S10 plus

Hallo zusammen,
habe bereits ein Samsung Galaxy S7 über den Easy Installer mit e/OS ausgestattet, was super gut funktioniert hat. Jetzt habe ich ein Samsung Galaxy S10 plus, was ja leider nicht über den Easy Installer unterstützt wird und ich nur mit den Anleitungen nach mehreren Tagen und Versuchen leider nicht zum Ziel komme. :frowning: Ist vorgesehen, das Galaxy S10 plus auch noch über den Easy Installer zu integrieren?
Danke vorab für eure Rückmeldung!

Hi there,
I have already switched a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Easy Installer to e/OS. Now I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 plus which is not supported by Easy Installer. With the tutorials and step-by-step-sites, I unfortunately don’t get it (even after some days and trys :frowning: ) … Is it planned to include Samsung Galaxy S10 plus in the Easy Installer?
Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Easy installer is (in principe) only for devices sold by murena.

Hallo Martina,

es ist eher unwahrscheinlich das es für das Samsung S10 / S10+ den easy installer geben wird.
Für meine Tochter habe ich vor ein paar Monaten ein S10 eingerichtet, ich nicht ganz leicht aber machbar. Wo hakt es denn?



Wie wäre es hiermit?:thinking:

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Hallo Ronald,
ich bekomme den TWRP mit Odin nicht installiert. Hab auch das Android downgrade durchgeführt, aber das hat auch nichts gebracht.
VG Martina

versuch es doch mal hiermit:

Anscheinend kein Odin nötig (Ich nehme an du hast Windows). Ich nutze Linux außer es geht nur mit Odin.

Beim Sideload nimmst du dann natürlich das eOS ROM und nicht LineageOS

Hello, I had the same problem, as Ronnz98 said, try installing /e/ os by following the instructions given on Lineage website:

On this smartphone, do not install twrp, only install /e/ os recovery (or lineage recovery, it will also work the same for installing /e/ os from it).
What is not said in the procedure is that you can install the os from the recovery without using sideload but rather by using the recovery menu “Apply update” . You need to copy the os ROM.zip file on the smartphone internal storage to see it in this menu.

I have done one just a few weeks ago and the fact that I didn’t even remembered right away, means I had no problems at all – usually.
It was either still on Android 9.0 (Pie) or maybe Android 10, because it died in 2020 and I only fixed it this summer… I have given it away since and heard once “Great, everything works with this e thing” :grinning:

I do all Samsung the exact same way (over 60 since Jan with /e all sorts of models)

  • Factory Reset on whatever Samsung version is running
  • set up the device on that Samsung version, to check it’s working
  • enable developer settings, adb, unlock, set USB mode to file transfer
  • hook it up to a Windows Notebook, yes Windows
  • to see USB port is working I transfer the ROM I want to flash, from the notebook to the device
  • during transfer I wiggle the cable in the port quite a bit, checking if there are issues with the USB port
  • if I find many TWRP versions I also transfer 2-3 onto the device
  • I only ever use Odin for Samsung devices for ~8-10 years I’d say
  • in Odin I always go with one of the very early TWRP versions, often still below 10mb
  • in Odin I turn off auto reboot, get the device in download mode, flash recovery, unhook device if flashing was successful
  • get device in recovery mode, try to flash the ROM from file within TWRP
  • if I get errors I try to update TWRP from within TWRP, choosing one of the versions I transferred from the notebook
  • if I get it to flash the ROM, I keep this version of TWRP – I don’t let /e replace it at this stage

once I got the first of a model/series successfuly up and running I put working TRWP and ROM in a folder on the notebook, along with some notes. This I copy on a 64gb SD card, so I can use it to flash more devices of that model, at a later stage. If there is a newer ROM, it goes in that folder, but I always keep that first one

And sorry, I’m not near that Notebook or SD card, so can’t give you version numbers, but maybe give it another go and feel free to ask for help again.

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are you sure of your cable ? original samsung cable don’t work !

what were the output in ODIN when trying flashing samsung firmware ?

@piero Is this only for type C? I know I got a Samsung micro usb cable hanging from that Notebook for years, with no problems…

Hi all,
wow, thanks for your many replys! I will have to try the different ways in the next days and will give you feedback then. :slight_smile:

I flashed 6 different Samsung devices only with original cables, and I had no problem fortunately.

Also I would recommand using the /e/ os or lineage recovery for all Samsung 10 instead of TWRP because those samsung had some deep modification of partionning and booting system for which TWRP is not designed unlike the specificaly designed Lineage and /e/ recovery. TWRP will work though.
An advantage of using the /e/ os recovery is that it will update automatically with the main OS through standard automated updates (called Over The Air = OTA)


Yes, I agree in general!
It’s my way to set up a device and keeping TWRP for a while, is having a known good state.
Once everything is running for some days and it’s a ROM which will get updates, I go into System settings and turn on the option to also update Recovery.

I often get devices I know nothing about, as I do this in a Repair-Cafe project and often they are older and/or somewhat broken and I just see if I get /e installed. Good ones with a stable branch and OTA I just hand out as try outs, or free giveaways.

So, again if it’s a keeper, set it up with all OTA and Recovery - updates turned on!

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