Easy installer fp3?

Is the easy installer ready for fairphone 3 and Moto g7 ?

Sadly, I am not aware of new devices added since it has been launched.

No the community development efforts are still in progress. You can check the thread here There are some efforts in progress on the FP3 not sure any one has tried for the Moto G

Unofficial binaries for an alpha version of the FP3 support in the installer can be found at https://ecloud.global/s/fn9YCWX4if9Gfzy (when the scheduled maintenance is over).

I’m currently in the process of getting it in the official version. Watch this merge request: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/tools/easy-installer/-/merge_requests/59

For the moment, in addition to the easy-installer the first two steps of the unlocking procedure at https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041655711-Unlock-the-bootloader-of-your-Fairphone-3 have to be done on the phone first.


Looking to test this tomorrow, could you please point me to some steps for the snap store installer?
Just got a FF3 from UK Vodafone , want to flash /E asap :wink:
Many thanks

Hi Leifrod. FP3 support in the easy-installer is still work in progress, i.e. the snap store installer doesn’t support the FP3 yet.

At the moment there is just a kind of a preview version at https://ecloud.global/s/fn9YCWX4if9Gfzy
But still the e cloud is under maintenance, so you can’t download it at the moment.


Ok thought part of it is usable.
I will flash manually then.

Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding. Part of it is usable - in the preview version that is not yet in the snap store.

And it looks like the e cloud is back up and https://ecloud.global/s/fn9YCWX4if9Gfzy is accessible again.

A new preview version is up that uses the latest available image and also incorporates the recent non-FP3 related changes to the installer.


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