Easy-installer No Android debugging on the FP3

follow easy-installer, Android 10 Fairphone 3
enable developper mode, part two.
"no option Android debugging.

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It’s called “USB-Debugging”.

Edit: I’ve create a merge request to suggest Tap on 'Android debugging' / 'USB debugging' (the text is shown before the phone model can be detected, so it’d include both alternative option names


BTW, the merge request will be included soon.

The change is only for the English screen texts. Is there somebody native in Dutch, French, Russian or whatever the language code “eu” is? Corresponding translations need to be done for those languages as well.

This is the phrase that is needed in the other languages

debugADB_instr_androidDebug=Tap on 'USB debugging' (on some devices it is called 'Android Debugging')

Basque (euskara, euskera).


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Hi @Ingo_FP_Angel

Tap on 'USB debugging' (on some devices it is called 'Android Debugging')

In french it would be:
Appuyez sur ‘Débogage USB’ (pour certains appareils, l’appellation est ‘Débogage Android’)

I use the opportunity to thank you for your amazing support to the FP+/e/ community!

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Thanks for providing the translation, I’ve added it to the suggestions in the translation tool.