Easy installer on Linux Mint cant find device

Hi. Easy installer on Linux Mint cant find device. Samsung galaxy s7 edge. Any suggestions?..

On the hardware side …

Make sure to use a USB data cable.
There are cables out there only for charging, which will not work for data connections.

You could also try a different USB port (if there is one).

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With ADB, with debugging enabled, first time you connect device to PC a toast notification (device’s screen) asks to allow debugging for THIS PC…

I don’t know if ‘Easy installer’ needs this step, but it’s easy to try, from the phone:

  • Settings > About phone > Build number,
  • tap seven times on build number (three toast notifications, at four taps, six taps, then ‘Done’),
  • back to Settings > Developers options,
  • first enable Developers tools (toast) then swipe back and enable Android debugging (toast too),
  • plug USB cable in PC and check the toast notification…

(Debian Buster + Xfce, for me)

P.S.: if already enabled, try to disable both all ‘Developer options’…

I had the same kind of issue, then only by activating the USB debugging it worked :slight_smile: